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Wind Country FC

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Info on the Wind Country

The Sand village is as you imagine located deep within the deserts of Wind country, and is prone to strong sandstorms. Because of this harsh environment and lack of natural resources, Sand requires a large amount of missions to gain the funds needed to import most of the essential requirements that most humans need.

Because of this need, Sand trains their growing ninjas in a brutal manner, hoping that the strong will gain the funds that the village needs to continue to survive. Because of this, and the strange cultures of the area itself, you will find specialized ninjas who's skill you would never find within other countries.

The most well known of these specialties is that the wind affinity, a rare affinity in most other countries, is found to be relatively common in Sand. Those who have this specialty are sometimes trained in the art of the fan, a weapon that directs the flow of the wind themed chakra, and amplifies it. The larger form of fan has also been observed to have been used as a blunt type of weapon. This method of fighting is extremely deadly due to the destructive and chaotic forces of the wind, and the fact that it is a long ranged form of attack. The sister of the current Kazekage, Temari is one of those specializing in this method.

The other specialty that one can find in this village are those who are specialized in the art of puppetry. This style is strange, as the practitioners craft strange, complex shapes and forms out of a rare form of wood and reinforce it with metal,. Each form is different and has a specific function in mind. This new form is then fitted with hidden weapons usually dabbed with poisons and is controlled by the users with various strings of chakra. The user, naturally requiring focus, and being susceptible to attack usually hides and allows the puppet to attack instead. This style was invented by Monzaemon, a powerful ninja back from the second Shinobi War, and other notable ninjas who have used this style include Chiyo, Sasori of the Red Sands (who will be talked about in greater detail, as well as Chiyo), and brother to the current Kazekage Kankuro.

However recently the Daimyo of the Wind Country has outsourced much of the missions that Sand needs to survive to Leaf. Desperate for income, the Kazekage at the time (4th) sacrificed his wife and his unborn child by infusing the soul of a sand spirit the Ichibi into the developing child. The mother in her last breaths named the child Gaara, out of spite for the action her husband performed. This child was to be raised as a weapon that Sand needed, although it would become Sands nightmare.

Gaara at a young age was isolated from other children due to the fact that the Ichibi wasn't sealed correctly, allowing it too much freedom in his mind. The sand that was Gaara's power from the seal was uncontrolled at times, wounding, and sometimes killing anyone near him, with the exception of his father. If that wasn't enough, the creature would take control of him should he have slept rendering him unable to sleep, lest the beast take over.

Because of this isolation, Gaara was emotionally stunted, and his only real companion through this time was his uncle Yashamaru, who secretly detested the child, thinking that it was his fault for his sister's death. He kept this front until the Kazekage ordered him to kill the boy, thinking that the child was a failure.

Yashamaru failed in killing Gaara, and Gaara, finding out that his uncle despised him like everyone else, caused him to snap, coming to the conclusion that in order for him to live, he had to kill to satisfy himself. This cycle of murder and death would continue until the invasion of Leaf at the hands of Sand and Sound, where he met Naruto, a person who shared his burden, and yet defied the path he had chosen. This meeting brought Gaara back to his senses, and he slowly is learning how to feel again. He currently is now the Kazekage of Sand.

Sadly, however there are some that have strayed too far from the light, and can never be brought back. Such is the story of Sasori, the mad genius of puppetry. As an infant his parents were killed on a mission thanks to Sakumo Hatake, the White Fang of Konoha. He was instead raised by his grandmother Chiyo, who was a Mistress of puppetry in her youth. As he grew older, as a trick, she showed him how to make and control puppetry.

However, to her shock, at the end of the day she found him with two life like puppets of his parents, and controlling them with skill and dexterity far beyond the norm. Sasori made those puppets in order to feel love from his parents, however the puppets couldn't love him back, and as a result, he began his spiral into madness. He threw himself into making better and better puppets (three of whom are currently used by Kankuro), and still he was not satified. It was at this point that he began killing people and reconfigured their bodies into puppets.

It was this habit that eventually drove him into killing the Third Kazekage, who's body was able to control iron sand. He fled from Sand at this point and reconfigured his body into a puppet. After several years of wandering, he joined Akatsuki, an organization bent on destruction. It was his mission in killing Gaara for the Ichibi he held that was the end of him.

He once again encountered his grandmother Chiyo, who was accompanied by Sakura Haruno, and together in a long and difficult fight managed to finally kill him. As a final request he asked to be surrounded by the puppets of his parents, perhaps hoping he could feel their embrace in death, where he couldn't in life. In the aftermath, Chiyo gave her life in resurrecting Gaara, who was killed from the Ichibi being extracted from him.

Other things worth of note include the political situation of Sand, whom despite the invasion of Leaf due to the temporary alliance with Sound due to the machinations of Orochimaru, are staunch allies to the Leaf. The governmental structure of the Sand seems similar to Leaf as well, including a council that elects the Kage.

Other ninjas from sand that needs to be of note include Baki, who was the instructor of Gaara's team, and seems to specialize in wind as well, being able to dispatch Gekkou Hayate with a wind blade, and Matsuri, a yound ninja who was trained by Gaara.

The Sand Village has a Kazekage. Garra is Kazekage in the Advanced Naruto Version. The Suna(Sand) and Kohona(Leaf) had a big battle, whitch ended the life of the 3th Hokage. As you might have geussed, the Sand Village is covered in sand. Garra, his Sister Temari, and Brother Kankuro, were part of the invasion on the Leaf Village. But later, when in need, Garra, Temari, and Kankuro Help Naruto and Other Ninja Genin.

Contributed by Keisok and Kiome Hyuga

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