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Re: Opinions on Christianity

Originally Posted by GAma_Oyabun View Post
christianity should not be mixed at all with mormonism. its as simple as that they are different at the core just like church of latterday saints and other variations like that. we dont believe the same things no matter how much people would like to mix it together.
It depends one what your view of Christianity is. I am a bit of a post-modernist in that I believe words have no meaning in themselves. This includes the word Christianity. It is a different interpretation of the Bible, and I think Christians just need to accept that. I find any form of fundamentalism to be far from the message Jesus preached, but it is still Christianity and an interpretation of the Bible.

your views of christiantiy are strongly based on how the people in the church affect you. not anywhere do you say uve actually picked up a bible and read what God is saying, not the people. i agree with you that the church is at times a merciless inner circle that outsiders cant get into, and in certain cases, corrupt. but to have your view centered on what people do and not on wat God does is shortsided and can lead you to a wrong mindset of wat a christian is supposed to be
Yes, my view that I stated is based on how I would see it if I were not a Christian and did not have a Bible. Does that really make a difference? A bit, but the fact that people bear the name of Christ and are able to live doing these things seems a bit odd to me. I find it extremely offensive to God when they do this stuff. It is almost the exact opposite of Jesus's message in the Gospels. It isn't loving at all. I was expressing my problems with the church in that message. If I were to have it my way, I would destroy the church, blow up every freaking building that has the word "God" on it and then see what these Christians will do. I am tired of this foolish selfish Christianity that is portrayed by us. We are supposed to be totally selfless, we are supposed to sell virtually everything and give it to the poor. Then we follow Jesus to the end of our life. Jesus did not come with a nice message that would be attractive to many people. In fact, when I tell my youth pastor my views he calls me a radical and says I am being extreme. I am not though. The scripture literally says to sell everything we have, give it to the poor, and then we take up the cross. What have we become as a church?

We have become superstitious, puritan, Zionists. That is what we are. We try to only fulfill Jesus's first command "Love the lord you God..." and we forget about "Love your neighbor as yourself." There is more to Christianity than being pure, and gaining salvation. The philosophy is so astounding that even if salvation was not obtainable I would follow it. The point is that this world is built on many rules that we cannot get away from. The corruption, the greed, the love for pleasure, it is virtually impossible to get away from. The mere circulation of money is what causes drug lords, gangs, wars, corrupted leaders, and etc. to rise up. If we can't circulate money than how will we survive? Even worse is the fact that under a mainly capitalist economy (US is not really capitalist, it is a mixed economy) you will be left in the dust if one were not to be greedy. It is a pressure that forces one to be greedy and then when we get to the end of our life, we realize nothing was gained because we only want more. Greed is never satisfied. With Christianity's teachings, I believe, one can break free of the system by going the exact opposite way. You sell everything you have and devote your life to making others better. You love your enemies and when they attempt to rob you give them double of what they want. Jesus's philosophy was the fact that life is found in giving it away. After all, isn't that how he gave us life. He sacrificed himself so that we may have eternal life. The Old Testament law was interpreted wrong by Israel. They believed that the laws given to them were strict rules. These rules were all based on people making sacrifices of their best things and the things they liked most. When Jesus came, he stressed the message that not do you only give your possessions, but you also give every last breath of your life for others.

So, tell me how our church is fulfilling this message? Oh, that's right, they aren't. They get people to say a prayer and then they praise God that they get to go to heaven. Then they go back home to everything they have an go with the system. They make peace with the systems of the world, which is not what Jesus stressed in Luke. Jesus said in Luke 12:49-53 that he came to bring division, not peace. What he meant by that was the fact that he doesn't want us to meld with the world. We need to separate ourselves from the worldly pleasures of greed and we need to go in the exact opposite direction.


I am a christian, But I do not go to church ever since they told me to rip up my Pokemon cards because they we're the devil. True story.
I lol'd.

I don't really think this is the right section for this, but I'll leave it here for now since the debate section seems to scare away a lot of the spammy douchebag kiddies.
That is why I put it in here.
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