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Originally Posted by Miles T View Post
Persecution, delusion, hindrance of human progression and prejudice are 'kind of cool'?
No, the story and mythology are kind of cool. Not what stupid people do because they take that shit way too seriously. Stupidity doesn't go hand in hand with religion, it just gets amplified by it a lot of times. Doesn't mean it's impossible to believe in that shit and still be an overall rational, intelligent, caring, open-minded human being though.
So...arbitrarily making up that there's a 'God' and harbouring that delusion in one's mind (which will, in practice, always influence one's behaviour and very often result in proselytization) is 'cool'? And you also think it would be 'cool' if everyone had they had imaginary friends?
Who cares? I don't give a shit what other people believe so long as they don't let that shit negatively impact other people. If having an imaginary friend helps people live their lives, then whatever. If they start saying that things that would help advance the field of healthcare and shit are bad and immoral because they think it's against their imaginary friend's wishes, then I get pissed off. Like I said, if you can believe in that shit without being a douche about it then it's all cool. If you can't, then it's not so cool. That's still people being stupid over religion itself being bad though.
At this point I'm wondering and hoping that you're just kidding and suspecting that you'll now mock me for not spotting your sarcasm.
Nah, you didn't miss out on any sarcasm this time, dude. You misinterpreted what I was saying, that's all. Is the concept of magic imaginary friends kind of stupid? Of course. But if you can believe in that shit without being an asshat about it, then what's it matter? Not like I don't have any illogical beliefs either. So who am I to tell people to be totally logical about shit all the time? All I ask is that they don't go fucking up everything else by taking it way too fucking seriously or thinking that other people should have to respect and take into account their illogical stuff. Know what I mean? : )
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