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Re: Opinions on Christianity

I think your analogy doesn't hold because 'TV/Music/Books/etc.' are not beliefs. Those who 'believe' in God do just that...they hold a belief. One can read a book or watch a programme or listen to music. It doesn't necessarily follow that a certain belief should be adhered to. However, that's exactly what is dictated by a belief in God. And, when one allows for...'making shit up' like that, it means allowing for any arbitrary beliefs. Consider also that our actions are invariably affected by our values.

However, I suppose my main argument is this: believing in God is not condonable because the positive aspects of that belief can be supplanted by other things that do not come with negative effects. Thus, to believe in God is a choice (albeit not necessarily a conscious one) to obtain positive results along with negative ones when one could just obtain the positive results without this belief.

One has to look at past experience and consider what can be gained. Nothing has been gained by such delusional beliefs that couldn't have been gained without it. It's held back humanity's development. Time to take out the trash, don'tcha think?

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