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Re: Opinions on Christianity

Originally Posted by slayer91 View Post
i personally do not believe in a "God". (1)If there is a God then there has to be more then one of them. (2)Why can you say that one religous group is right but hinduism is complitely wrong???????? (3)They all have the same basic princables that you need to be good and do the right thing, that is the only point in making a God figure. (4)For proof all you have to do is look at the Aztecs, they thought the spanish were gods and they were the complite opposite. Gods arent real. It is the most obserd thing to say, just think about what you are saying, (5)just reallly think about it. (6)So there was a being taht created everything out of nothing????? then what was he???? Then he had his son go down to earth and spread his word? (7)So isnt jesus just some random crazy guy that was spewing random crap out of his mouth?????

(8)And how do we know about his miricles? couldnt it just be translation errors? After all there was a pretty big gap in the time that jesus was killed and the time the first testomite was created. Translation error arer huge, in spanish the meaning sky scrapper translates in english to something that scapes the sky. Couldnt some of the Miricles be figurative?

(9)Not to mention all the scientific fakts we have found that complitely controdicts everything the bible says

ps sorry for the bad spelling
(1)"If one exists, there must be more" is terrible logic.
(2)Not everyone can be right, so obviously someone has to be wrong. What people believe is obviously what they think is right, and you can't tell them they believe wrong just because you don't share their belief.
(3)Yes, they have the same basic principles of "be a good person", but their ideas of salvation and the afterlife are completely different, and in the end, eternity is what matters.
(4) I fail to see what this is proving.
(5) I have "really" thought about it.
(6) So you're saying the nothing created everything on its own?
(7) If he was crazy, He'd have said a lot more stuff that made no sense. If He was pulling a prank, He wouldn't have died for it.
(8) How do we know any written document from history is true? The writings of the Bible were translated just as well as any other historical writings, and the Bible is still available in its original Hebrew/Greek/Aramaic for anyone to translate.
(9) I'm interested to see what kind of facts you're thinking of, here.

Originally Posted by hippiematt View Post
I think christianality is a load of crap, (1)in the bible they say that giant Bees that are the size of regualr men are going to swarm the earth, thus getting rid of 1/3 of the population. (2)They say that the tribulation is going to effect in our generation, (3)they hate catholics when the bible says they all praise the same god which is retared to me, the tribulation is a time when God doesn't protect the people from the devil and the devil get to do what ever he wants to the earth. I beleive in God but not some of the things in the bible, I think the bible was changed over and over again in time, (4)the bible was originally created to stear people in a good direction not scare the crap out of them and force them into believing a (5)zombie and a "natural being" that can do what ever he wants, (6)and if people don't like him they go into the fire. ?.?
(1) Verse, please.
(2) Again, verse please.
(3) That's preposterous. Catholics believe in the same God, but they believe in Him differently than Protestants, and are much more ritualistic about it. Also, we don't hate them.
(4) The Old Testament is a record, used to record history and teach people from things past and the mistakes of others. The New Testament is the story of Jesus, and how to achieve Salvation. The word "scare" has nothing to do with the Bible, when it refers to "fearing God" it's a way of saying "respecting God" that makes more sense in Hebrew than it does in English.
(5) Zombie Jesus makes me laugh, and God is not natural being. God created "nature" and is therefore outside of it.
(6) If that's how you want to word it. Try reading, there's plenty already written about the reasoning behind Christian Salvation and Hell. Though, I guess it's easier for you to say it makes no sense if you're completely ignorant of it.

Originally Posted by Redneckboy View Post
...It is obvious Jesus wanted money in the hands of people in need and not the large temple of the day.
As far as I'm concerned, my money is tithed as long as it is doing good work for God. If that means supporting my church, than that's fantastic. However, if it means someone was able to eat tonight, then that's just as good.

As screwed up as many are, churches are important, and churches need tithe money to support their building mortgage, outreach events, youth ministry and the like. It's all about the church you choose. If you don't feel your money is being used wisely, you need to find a new church that you trust completely.

Originally Posted by Torture Maniac View Post
I am a christian, But I do not go to church ever since they told me to rip up my Pokemon cards because they we're the devil. True story.
That church sounds like it's full of ignorant old people. You should find a new one, a good church is important.

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
I don't really think this is the right section for this, (1)but I'll leave it here for now since the debate section seems to scare away a lot of the spammy douchebag kiddies.

I honestly think it's kind of cool, I guess. The stories in the Bible really aren't all that bad. I definitely don't agree or believe in all of it, but the parts about helping people out and being nice to people are good. I know a lot of the stupid shit that goes down involving religion is just because stupid people fuck shit up (Or just take it too far/seriously). (2)I wouldn't blame the religion itself on shit like that.

I started hating church when I was nine. My priest told me that dogs don't go to heaven after they die...after my dog died. He said it's for people only. I said that's bullshit to not let dogs in just because they're dogs, God wouldn't do that. And if he would, he's an asshole and I hate him anyway! Worded it differently since I was a little pussy kid though, of course. ; )

As for having a relationship with God and what-not, for me I just see that as being like having an imaginary friend. Cool, whatever, I don't see anything particularly wrong with that, especially if it helps you feel better/makes you want to strive to be a better person/brings you comfort/whatever. It's just not my cup of tea. (3)I feel better placing faith in myself, I don't need or want anything extra.
(1) Excellent reasoning.
(2) Good to see someone understand one of the most basic laws of the universe: People are stupid.
(3) I feel better placing my faith in myself as well, and I most often do. I'm not going to lie and say I'm 100% tight with God, because I'm not. As far as a relationship with God goes, I know what I should have, but I don't know why; if I don't know why I do something, I don't do it. My point is I can't fully explain it right now, I can only talk about what I know and not what I have.
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