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Originally Posted by Miles T View Post
As far as I recall (quote me if I'm wrong), I didn't state that it would be the fault of the nuclear weapons or that their removal would stop 'mindless' murdering.
I wasn't trying to say you did either. I'm showing that religion isn't to blame for persecution, delusion, hindrance of human progression and prejudice, among other things. Human stupidity is.
However, by showing you have a contradiction in your ethics, I've shown that your current...'ethical configuration' is untenable. All I'm saying that your justification for condoning religion -- that it can theoretically be benign -- is inconsistent with another of your positions.
Uh, what? Where am I contradicting myself again? I must have missed the part where you showed a contradiction with my ethics. I'm guessing you're misunderstanding my ethics, if anything.

I'm not defending my position; I'm fighting on your turf to dismiss your argument. In fact, I can't believe that I didn't notice that what you're actually doing is applying your principles to me. I never actually said nor meant to say that religion should be banned outright because it can lead to 'bad' outcomes: you ascribed that principle to me and used that straw-man, albeit unintentionally, I'm sure, to attack that ascribed principle to make my position seem untenable.
Straw-man? How so? Seriously. I never claimed that you were out to ban religion. I never said anything about banning religion. I stated that if religion was done away with then it wouldn't get rid of stupid people (The true cause of stupid shit), which was part of my argument all along. I fail to see how stating things to support the stance I'm defending would be considered creating false arguments in any way.

If you want to discredit my position, then go for it. You're purposely ignoring a large chunk of my argument though. Yes, religion can be considered 'harmful' when you're dealing with stupid people (I'm assuming that's basically what you're going for with the whole nuclear bomb analogy. If I'm wrong then correct me.). I never said otherwise, but point proven none-the-less. My counter-argument against that is so are a lot of other things, as I've stated numerous times. Also, stupidity is to blame, not the excuse to justify said stupidity. Meaning the point I'm assuming that you're making is moot.

Am I misunderstanding something? Are you? I don't know. Let's try clearing that up, eh? Don't go accusing me of busting out logical fallacies though, nicely or not, k? ; )

As another analogy, by your reasoning, it's okay for all parents to tell their children to murder without provocation, because their children would not necessarily do so. But, in practice, do you really want a world full of children reared to do that?
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