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Re: Gay brains are different

Originally Posted by ShinobiKnight View Post
^ In response to that last bit: There's a Bible verse somewhere in the Old Testament that says something like "No man may sleep with a man as he would a woman". There's another concerning lesbianism. I'll see if I can find them.
While it's true that the New Testament laws overrule some Old Testament ones, homosexuality isn't mentioned in the New Testament and is assumed to be unchanged. Although that may be interpreted differently, as I know a girl who has a gay couple in her church.
Yes, I know that verse. My interpretation of that verse is that it is wrong, but the thing is that it could be talking about an old ritual that people used to do at that time. In the New Testament, when it mentions homosexuality, it is really talking about the ritual the Greeks did with their mentors. Apprentices (soldiers) would sleep with their trainer and women would sleep with other women when their husbands were at war.

So the verse can really be interpreted either way. I think all God really cares about is that you follow what your interpretation says because their is too much room for interpretation.
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