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Originally Posted by Miles T View Post
Well, if those are your positions, I presently see nothing more for me to criticise. Whether you believe (heh) me or not, I'll state that I wasn't trying to trap you; I genuinely thought the line I refuted was your actual justification, which you seemed to put forth in your second response to this thread (if I recall correctly) without any trapping from me. Anyway, truth be told, both of us have surely been ambiguous and misinterpreted, but we seem to have come to agreement.
Agreed. And I believe it. I did emphasize my 'stupid people + religion = not cool' thing pretty hard in that second post, so that's where I got that. =p I really should have been a lot more clear a lot earlier though, so my bad in that respect. Good game, mate. : )

Edit: @Job discussion-Firstly, oh, right. Still, I'd count that as God owning Job. If I pushed a sheep into a den of wolves I'd count that as me owning a sheep even though the wolves are the ones fucking it up. Know what I mean? XD

And I'd say Satan still came out on top considering he pretty much tricked God into letting him fuck up one of his most loyal followers just so God could win a bet. They really should have left that story out...>.>
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