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Originally Posted by hesd View Post
If there is a conclusive evidence that homosexuality is biologically rooted, Christianity should only have to admit either:

1) The God of the Bible should not have condemned homosexuality.
2) Biblical passages on homosexuality are misused; Bible is not a source of absolute truth for everything.

If God would say, "Yes, homosexuality is biological but those who were inflicted with this anomaly, this sin, should be able to change themselves with their willful prayers and repentance." I think this is a bit unfair. But then again, I'm not God. He could have higher order reasons. I'm confused!!! Thing is, I believe in God.
I doubt that any die-hard Christian would opt for option A, since it would mean that God did something wrong, and He is not supposed to be able to do anything wrong. So B is the most likely choice, but still, there's always option C: Deny these findings. C can also be paired with option D: Blame it on the Devil.

Ah yes, "God is beyond our comprehension." I find that amusing because we either have a good understanding of Him since there's an entire book on His teachings, or we have no clue and God is possibly thinking, "What are you humans doing?! I didn't want you guys to do that!"

Anywho, yay for more evidence that homosexuality is natural and not necessarily a choice (I still think there are instances when it is a choice, but it's not like a "Hey, I'm gonna be gay today!" all of a sudden).
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