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Re: Third Annual NL Choice Awards- Category Suggestions! FUCK YEAH!

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Alright, I like the shit we had last year, so we should keep that shit. If anyone disagrees let me we can engage in unarmed combat about it, I'll kick your ass, and we'll end up keeping it the same anyway. Here's the shit from last year:

Best Graphics Designer
Favorite Staff Member
Most Hated Staff Member
Funniest Member
Most Annoying Member
Biggest Forum Moment
Favorite Member
Most Hated Member
Biggest Spammer That Gets Away With It
Most Intellectual Member
Member You'd Most Like To Meet
Member You'd Least Like To Meet
Most Respected Member
Ex-Member you'd most like to see make a come back

Now make some suggestions that aren't already listed for some new categories that we can add this year. And only post once, edit your shit if you think of something later on. This will be open till Friday...ish. I know this might be tough for some of you, but try not to fail too hard at this, please. Thanks. NOW GOGOGOGOGO! : )
Even after Miburo bolded the text it seems people can't follow directions. I know I'm a n00b here but what do the winners of these thigns get? Is there any prize?
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