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Re: Opinions on Christianity

Originally Posted by Miles T View Post
Indeed, the winning side in arguments on religion as they invariably transpire at this stage in humanity isn't really disputable.
What I am disputing is the fact that he thinks the point of Job is how evil God is. I am trying to give him a perspective where faith is actually valued since that is probably why the Bible is made. I don't think he is 100% wrong, but he didn't even try to look at our perspective.

Feel free to...justify your points.
When did I attempt to force you to believe my interpretation. I was giving you an alternative view seeing 99.9% of atheists I meet say how open-minded they are yet they come up with arguments like, "God is evil XD."

Cognito, ergo sum. Here's a little problem for you to solve: define 'right' and define 'wrong'.


I'm sure you can justify your Christianity, considering your bold yet disappointingly bare statements. Go on, I dare you to try.
I don't have to define right or wrong. This is all I have to tell you.

Prove, using logic, that this forum has multiple templates and retrace your argument as far as you can as to why there are multiple templates. Prove every truth you state to prove this forum has multiple templates. Tell me when you are done.

See, logic is based on assumptions. Even cognito ergo sum is based on an assumption. It basically says that because I think, I exist, which isn't really enough information to prove someone exists. For instance, "Why does someone thinking prove their own existence?" Why is existence based on thought?

I am a skeptic the way the Greeks invented it. Since no truth can be universal, their is no truth. Not even our own senses we are sure of. This is why a god's existence is not hard for me to except because it is just as probable as this forum having multiple skins.
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