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Originally Posted by Miles T View Post
Aye, well played. Though now I think about it, you do still of course condone religion, a position I find untenable. Expect to hear more from me sometime... =)
I look forward to that. : )

Originally Posted by Redneckboy View Post
I don't think you understand that story at all. See, the validity of the story of Job is questioned. Either way, a lot of lessons can be gained from the book.

For one, you can say that God was someone mean and just there to spite Job, but you obviously haven't read to the end of the story and if you have, you are looking at the story in a biased perspective. See, while God takes everything away from Job, it humbled him. When you look at the story from the point that earthly possessions are worth nothing, then you start to understand the story. While Job lost a lot of those possessions, he gained something better. His faith strengthened to a new level, and in the end it all does work out.

The thing is, you don't even understand religion, so you would obviously not care about these values. To the person who does value religion, this story does teach some moral lessons. Another is that bad things happen to good people, but I don't feel like typing that lesson all out.
I understand it just fine, and I totally get what lessons they were trying to get across with the story. I never said he was doing it just to be a dick, but for fuck's sake, it's pretty easy to argue that it's still a pretty dickish thing to do.

You can't say it would be a nice thing to do to someone. Most people would consider letting someone take away everything someone has worked his entire life for, killing all his children, and making him sick as shit as pretty hardcore mean, torture like shit.

Is that how an all loving God would seriously teach people lessons? That's horrible.

And let's not forget that God considered Job one of his best servants. Job did nothing wrong, and was a faithful follower of The Lord. Who the fuck punishes people to teach them lessons they don't even need teaching? It's not like Job was a materialistic guy or anything in the first place. That'd be like punishing your kids for cursing when they haven't cursed a day in their lives just to make sure that they know that cursing is bad. It's not that I don't understand it, it's because it's seriously fucking stupid.

And those values aren't limited to religious people anyway. Morals =/= religion. I don't place much value in material possessions either and I'm fully aware that bad things can happen to good people, and I'm as non-religious as they come. I'm just as capable of understanding that shit as any religious person. Don't be ridiculous, dude.
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