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Re: Opinions on Christianity

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Pretty sure love isn't to fuck over someone's life for a bit either...And Job already loved God without God having to do anything...And letting some dude kill of your kids and make you sick as shit is a little excessive, wouldn't you say?
Job wasn't perfect though. He didn't have perfect love, which means that there was room for improvement. Either way, I don't find it that excessive because I don't take the book of Job as a literal story like you. I find it to be more symbolic.

Also, I think you're disregarding the whole bet part of this story. It's not like God was like "You know what, I'm going to teach Job a lesson, even though he's already a cool guy." He was more like "Yeah, I'll take that bet, evil Satan dude. Go ahead and fuck Job up." Come on, man. = /
Yes, he did give permission for Satan to do pretty much whatever he wanted with Job, but what was the outcome? Job ended up being better than who he was at the start.

Also, this is a personal interpretation of mine, but I believe God already made destiny so he would have known the outcome of Satan's bet.

No shit, you're born a sinner for fuck's sake. If that's justification to hardcore fuck people up for no good reason at all, then wow. How isn't that dickish again?
See, but that would be you saying that you knowledge is better than a supposed, perfect god. While it isn't proven, we must assume that this God is perfect.

You were saying I didn't understand this because I'm not religious. =
I was talking about you not understanding the value of faith in a god of some sort.
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