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Originally Posted by Redneckboy View Post
The point is, it doesn't matter if you think that, the book is there regardless of the opinions, just like the Bible.
I never said it wasn't there...
If he is born of Adam and Eve, he is born into sin. Therefore, he was somewhat "bad" to begin with, but he was considered to be one of the more righteous people.
So he's being punished for something beyond his control? Yeah, that's a lot less horrible... = /
The debate is about whether God is perfect, that is why I am using it. If he is perfect then why would he be wrong. If he was wrong then he cannot be perfect. This wasn't even supposed to turn out into a debate, which is why I am trying not to get to technical and prove my assumptions. The point is that if God is perfect, then he does know more then you.
I'm looking at his actions portrayed in the bible and saying that shit is pretty fucking mean. So if you disagree with what I'm saying then show how punishing people who didn't do anything wrong to begin with isn't mean. Easy shit, no?

I think so. So how about you do that instead of trying avoid doing so by saying "LOL well God is perfect so it's cool. How do I know it's perfect? Cuz the bible says so, duh!" I'm sure I don't have to tell you that isn't a very convincing argument, right?

You won't understand how it feels to value something until you actual value it, which was my point.
If you go to the doctor and he tells you that you're sick but you'll be fine if you take some pills, do you go "LOL HOW DO YOU KNOW? HAVE YOU EVER HAD THIS ILLNESS?" Because that's what you're doing here.

Besides, I used to believe in that shit when I was younger and my entire family minus a couple are hardcore believers. So, seriously, shut the fuck up, the only person who doesn't understand shit around here is you. I don't need to believe in your imaginary friends to understand shit about it.
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