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Re: Opinions on Christianity

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
I never said it wasn't there...
The point is that not everyone thinks it is stupid. I was telling you why I don't think it is stupid.

So he's being punished for something beyond his control? Yeah, that's a lot less horrible... = /
He gained in the end so it isn't necessarily punishment.

I'm looking at his actions portrayed in the bible and saying that shit is pretty fucking mean. So if you disagree with what I'm saying then show how punishing people who didn't do anything wrong to begin with isn't mean. Easy shit, no?

I think so. So how about you do that instead of trying avoid doing so by saying "LOL well God is perfect so it's cool. How do I know it's perfect? Cuz the bible says so, duh!" I'm sure I don't have to tell you that isn't a very convincing argument, right?
I am not trying to convince you of anything. The point is that if you believe God is perfect, then there is no point in questioning him. You don't have to believe he is perfect though. I believe he is perfect, so therefore I do not question matters which I do not understand.

If you go to the doctor and he tells you that you're sick but you'll be fine if you take some pills, do you go "LOL HOW DO YOU KNOW? HAVE YOU EVER HAD THIS ILLNESS?" Because that's what you're doing here.

Besides, I used to believe in that shit when I was younger and my entire family minus a couple are hardcore believers. So, seriously, shut the fuck up, the only person who doesn't understand shit around here is you. I don't need to believe in your imaginary friends to understand shit about it.
I doubt you believed what I believe. I doubt you believe in a Christianity where following your idea of Jesus/God is what is right, and not so much doing what your church says is right. I doubt you believe that church shouldn't be a time of listening to a guy tell you his interpretation for an hour or two. I doubt you believed that you should live a life of servant hood so that others benefit and you don't. I mean, I am not your average, idiot, bible-toting, Christian. If anything, I am a Christian who wants to be a slave when he is older and I want to die for someone so that they may live instead of myself. Call me a lunatic, but that is where I think I can find meaning in a world ruled by systems that no man can escape by himself. I mean, look around. Tons of people are illiterate, starving, committing suicide, being bombed, being raped, etc, and no one can stop it. Every time we allow the government to do shit it gets screwed up. Nothing is able to stop it, and I am sick of assholes tell me to pursue my own fucking pleasures in order to run away. That is what most of you atheists do anyways. The ones that are humanitarians do give, but none have yet to give everything, and that is what I hope to do after I finish my education. Unlike some, I hurt for other people much more than myself. I don't know why, but I just do.

So I plan on throwing myself out into an ocean full of sharks and trying to rescue the stray man. I will plan on doing that while trusting my "imaginary friend."
"Nature loves to be hidden."

- Heraclitus
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