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Re: Opinions on Christianity

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Last I checked, I didn't give a shit about what you thought. I didn't originally reply to your post telling you that you didn't understand shit. You, however, did that to me. If you disagree with my interpretation or opinion of the story, then present an argument against it.
I don't.

Great, good for you. Why are you debating it then, since by your own admittance it is a matter that you do not understand, and that I'm not bound by your "Don't question it" belief?
I was trying to tell you why I believe my point is acceptable and not downright outrageous.

You don't know what the fuck I believed, so it doesn't matter what you think. Obviously I wasn't your average bible-toting Christian either, and obviously I saw some pretty major flaws in the church as well. So, seriously, any assumption you make about my beliefs are completely baseless, and they don't mean shit anyway.
Well, then I am sorry for underestimating you.

Good for you. I'd rather not be a tool, but whatever floats your boat. Also, you can not be religious and still not lead a self-serving life.
Yes, you might, but I am going to trust in my God to not leave me out in the middle of nowhere starving when I give away everything.

What the fuck does this have to do with anything? Just felt like sharing, I suppose, eh?

Protip: Being a religious person doesn't mean you're any more morally upstanding than an Atheist. Morality has nothing at all to do with religion in that regard. So your high and mighty rant was epically retarded. ^^b
I shared it because I am tired of the other Christians saying you have to be moral to be a Christians, and you were obviously heavily influenced by them. It is the only one that gets out to the public, and it stresses me out when the other views are disregarded because they aren't popular.

My point was the exact opposite. It was the fact that you don't have to live by morals to necessarily be Christ-like. I believe it has more to do with self-sacrifice for others, including your enemies.

Good for you. I'll continue to lead a morally acceptable life without the need of any imaginary friends. Yay!
Okay. While you focus on living a moral life I will focus on making others' lives more enjoyable with the help of my imaginary friend.
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