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Re: Anime and Manga reviews.

I love the new manga's I've found!!!

Reservoir Tsubasa Chronicles - A new Cardcaptor story, still all the magic, but unfortunately no Clow Cards as the basis. By the newest chapters you figure out something verry important, something I feel I must explain...SPOILER!

Other than that the series is amazing with some verrry captivating characters and a fairly intricate, growing/evolving plot line. If you like magic, you'll like this series.

Next up is Vagabond - by far my new favorite. If you liked Kenshin this almost surpasses it in a different way, since Takezo or Musashi as he is later known has basically a temperament that is bloodthirsty like Saitoh no Okami (Saitoh the wolf), but with the drive to get better that I loved about Sano, but as if to top it all off, the skills and inborn talent of my beloved Hitokiri Battousai (Battousai the manslayer). It's a realistic setting, with very few fantastical fighting, but nonetheless incredible action. Real, historical, intense, awesome.

Double arts - appeals to that Final Fantasy fan in me, it's relatively new to me since it doesn't have that many chapters, but what I have seen is neat character/art style with interesting story. A disease called Troy or Troi has ravaged the world for almost 100-200 years, women known as sisters, basically nuns devoted to healing are born with the ability to treat the disease but not eradicate it. A boy is found that has strange powers, one in particular is that he's immune to troy, being that special boy, he's on a journey to the sister's headquarters to possibly cure the most deadly and prevalent disease ever known. But on the way a group of assassins, opposite the sisterhood, wants to stop him, what are they're motives? What are they're strange powers? Just how much stronger can he get? It's pretty sweet, no lie.

Kurohime - A young kid who gets the hottest, strongest magician in the world to fall in love with him. She's determined to take on the "gods" who lord over the human race, with her hotness, and her crazy cool magical skills, she'll summon dragons, wolves, anything that's in her sights to protect the one she loves. But there's layer after layer of secrets with Kurohime, can Zero use his super fast gun drawing skills to protect her long enough to find the truth of her past? Magic, hot chicks, and gun fighting, what else do you need?

Gokusen - a different appeal, it's about a Yakuza princess who wants to be a school teacher, she goes through a lot of random adventures all the while protecting the secret that she's the heir to a very influential Yakuza gang. She's just a girl, who wants to be a teacher, too bad she can't just have a normal life. Funny, and fairly interesting, not all that deep, but I've got like four others that take on a lot of angst, why not take a break for one that is funny and pretty light hearted.

Vampire Knight - I finished this one way too quickly, it was awesome, although my only complaint is not always being able to tell who's who because of the art style. But the story is top notch, and the main characters are so interesting, layer after layer of emotional scars. Similar to Tsubasa Chronicles but without having to introduce so many new characters and adventures, it's got a story that unravels itself to reveal something you didn't even expect. Emotional, captivating, powerful.
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