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ok, job WASNT sinless...he was very faithful to God. so satan thought he could get job to denounce God by harming him. due to job's faithfulness, he was rewarded tenfold what he had before. anyways, i believe this was "opinion's on christianity", and here are mine: 1, there is a God. 2, he rules the universe. 3, i dont want to follow the rules he set down, and hes not going to stop me. 4, i was saved and am not going to hell for not following his directions. 5, if you dont believe me, i guess we'll c when we die, wont we. 6, i have no idea what i was going to write, but god's real, christianity must be the true religion cause IT IS THE ONLY RELIGION PURSICUTED IN THE WORLD. Buddah, not taken out of school. Muhhamed, not denounced as a fake. Athiest, not debated and hated for their beliefs. so why must THIS be the wrong religion. all the others want you to die for God. but christianity God died for you. debate that little fact.
I call major bullshit on that. Every religion is persecuted by another party, and Christianity is not innocent from that, either. God says that Christians should not be "yoked with non-believers," so right there God is saying, "Christianity is good. Everything else is bad." Dude, Christianity isn't out of schools. Ever heard of "private Christian/Catholic schools?" Yeah, I have never even heard of a "private Islam school" or "private Hindu school." I'm sure there are some in this country, but they aren't as numerous as Christian/Catholic schools. Okay, yeah, Mohamed isn't denounced as a fact because there is factual evidence that he existed, just like there's evidence for Jesus and Buddha. So, Christianity hasn't been taken out of schools. Seriously, what the Hell gave you that idea? So, every religion, every group of people is discriminated against. Don't claim that it's all on Christianity. According to everyone else every other religion is wrong. Christians pulls that same card.

Dude, every religion that I can think of is "Live a good life, follow the rules." No religion says, "GO KILL YOURSELF FOR GOD LOLOL!" Sure, Islam is extreme in that it sanctions the killing of infidels if they don't convert, but people have been killed in the name of Christianity. Also, God didn't die for the sins of his people. Jesus did.
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