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most practiced doesnt mean its not most persecuted. there are only 6 countrys where if your not a christian, you wont get shot in the street for it. especially in the middle east. if they suspect ur not pacticing islam, bam, ur dead. no questions. and no, catholics are NOT christians. their religion is a direct conflict with the bible. they worship idols or jesus and his mother. idol worship is one of the tens commandments of not to do.
Six countries out of, holy shit, the whole freaking world?! Yeah, that's an amazing statistic, don't you think? Let's see, back in the old, old, old days, like some time A.D., people were fucking stoned for not being Christian. People were burned on the cross for heresy against the church during the Middle Ages. If people could fucking swim they were burned in the name of the Lord because people thought, "Holy shit, they're a witch! Burn them!" Dude, do you not fucking understand that the Bible and Christians persecute others as well? Don't think it's everyone else, that's ignorance and arrogance. And holy shit, Catholicism is worshiping GOD. They just do it their own way, just like the Mormons, just like the Methodists, just like the Lutherans. They worship Jesus, holy shit, so does every other sect of Christianity. So that means everyone's doing it wrong.
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