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Re: all of these annoying threads

Originally Posted by oXDRAGONXo View Post
Some people may find threads annoying and stupid, BUT others may not, they may enjoy them

IMHO even if i find something stupid I just ignore it, other people should be allowed their own opinion and choices, and if they wish to make a thread SOME people may concider dumb however others may like, i think they should be allowed to do so

Basically: People should be allowed to say what they want and if you dont like it, just ignore it! much easier than a war on all so called 'idiots' (aslong as the threads arent abusive, racist or in anyway offensive ofcourse...)
What are you getting at, you enjoyed this thread?

uchiha-anwar, you are right, I was probably a bit too offensive. I usually try to use humour to get the message through, but I guess this time it didn't work as well as it could

It's just that I've been reading these forums for a while, and lately when I log on to get my daily fix, I have to skip past the 10 new threads made by the same user (yo konoha's white fang) to find the interesting ones. And now this guy just added another thread on top of that to skip.

If this trend continues I'll have to find a new board to read. Would be nice if people could have some regard for others.

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