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Re: Opinions on Christianity

Christianity is a religion, among others, which has its own set of beliefs, but has its own flaws. There is bias. For instance, like mentioned previously that there are only 6 countries that allow Christianity while the rest kill those who are Christians. But what about: when Britain (Christians) tried to take over countries like India or Pakistan (Hindus/Muslims). Not only that, why is it that Christian workers who go to Africa to help poor, hungry children but refer to them as Christian who have just converted.
Also, why is it that there is SO many contradictions in the bible. Why is it that the words from the bible change as years go by. Are people making stuff up?
Not only that, Jesus was born with only a mother, but what about Adam who was born with NO parent(s)?
One more thing, what on earth is happening in Middle Asia? Why are Christians attacking countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq (highly dominating Muslims countries) when they can worry about other major conflicts.
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