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Re: Opinions on Christianity

Originally Posted by dirk667 View Post
..!.. i wasnt talking to you miburo, butt out. alright lonely, il give you that, opions can be wrong. i wasnt pulling the "my opinions hurr hurr hurr" card, im just saying that it seems to me your more interested in railing on me for being for christianity, than christianity the religion itself. i know christianity is real, iv seen God work in my life too many time to ignore that. i sin, yes, and so does everyone else. iv had doubts about which religion is the true one, but i stand firm in my beliefs, because i have faith in God. thats what christianity is all about. Faith. it has nothing to do with religions because it isnt one, its a faih on jesus. thats y i dont believe in chatholisism. the pope would be rendered irrelivant. i wasnt talking about the crusades, i mean now. in the year 2008, where are christians going around killing people because their not "christians"? iran, china, n korea, cuba, pakistan, just to name a few are Governments who dont allow you to be christian. its against the law. but you can be muslim, islam, buddist, mormon, just not christian. that speaks a whole lot to me, other than just being bias. one last note, im suprised that with all the people claiming to be christians out there, theres almost none in here willing to take a stand for their faith or religion. very interesting
The Muslim nations that do not allow Christianity are going against the Koran, really. I mean, I believe it is up to interpretation, but the 1st page of the Koran mentions "People of the Book" so that point is pretty stressed.
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