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Re: The New Rap Game

ditchin class for sum titis n ass
homework no sir im tryin to sell all my bags
principle keep hatin on me cuz i called him a fag
and the fact he gotta hatchback n im in a jag
i dont wanna be a preacher but im named after a prophet
the school of hard knocks so i gotta drop some knowledge
i was schooled on the block and the streets was my college
original gangsta nigga so u best start payin homage
P.H.D. in R & B and hip hop be the heart of me
if niggas try to start wit me i might just have to part the seams
now u leaning six degrees like angles in geomety
u know i be the prophecy playin dogz like im sophecles
cock and squeeze is what i told my junior english teacher G
cuz she had a booty like a hochie out in silver spring


short verse under short notice
part the seams=seperate the seams
seams = the thread line in yo pants nigga
sophecles = he wrote plays

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