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Re: Hatake Kakashi FC

Originally Posted by xxxkakashixxx View Post
what big event? did i miss something?
When Kishi got interveiwed, he said that Kakashi's going to have a big event happen to him.

Originally Posted by Naruto2008
as for kakashi's big event what do all of you guys think?
His Mask comming off. That's what I think.

Originally Posted by TheNameIsBob
i kinda do but know that kisame said he was leader of Amegakure i dont have a clue who he is.
I still belive in it. Just because he has face wrinkles doesn't mean he's Madara. Think about it for a sec with me. Itachi had face lines when he was at a certain age. And the same with all of the other male Uchihas. So if Obito ~LIVED~ he would have gotten face lines too, right? Plus, Zetsu could have been watching the battle between the Rock nins and The old team 7, dug him up and brought him back to the Akatsuki layer. And on top of that, the manga never officaly said that Obito died. It just said that he was claimed dead. So there are still chances that Tobi is Obito.
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