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Re: Opinions on Christianity

You guys watch too much anime, thats why you do not believe in god, or "Christianity" Or any religious beliefs. That is my only solution, I'm not going to get into this debate because its a lost cause
If that's true, then explain why you're here.

I'm all for you believing in what you want, but when you start believing in stuff such as more than one god or Demons controlling people thats when I have to step in and call you a fucking moron.
If you believe in religious tolerance for other people, then why insult people because they have a different method of worship. That's a rather hypocritical thing you just said.

Or your probably homosexual and don't like the fact that the bible calls you "abominations?" Or your parents must have told you to believe or they'll send you to your room without any food or something but idk, you must have fucked up childhoods.
Interesting on how you came to the conclusion that they are either homosexual, or that they had bad childhoods. Perhaps they could have just decided to question what they see?

And you couldnt kick anyones ass in a religious debate if you tried, the Believers have more proof on their side than you'll ever have sorry.
May I also remind you that the proof you are most likely refferring to is a religious text that has numerous passages that contradict each other as a whole?

There is proof on both sides, and people can interpret what they see of it. Sure, I'll probably voice my reasons why I disagree, but I'm not just going to shove my beliefs down your throat.
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