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Re: Opinions on Christianity

Okay... Show me where I insulted anyone.
Very well.

I'm all for you believing in what you want, but when you start believing in stuff such as more than one god or Demons controlling people thats when I have to step in and call you a fucking moron.
Stepping in and calling people morons, right? If I remember correctly that is considered an insult in most societies.

And I didn't come to a conclusion I said "Maybe" Your homosexual or had a bad childhood, I could have came up with alot more reasons, but as I stated already I don't feel like debating here cause I know I'm going to end up in trouble, it always happens, never fails.
I tend to interpret maybes as yes nowadays thanks to the slightly more intelligent flamers who dance around the insult. Even if you don't want to debate, you got to be aware about what you're going to type

And I already said I wasn't going to "convert" anyone cause I don't really care if you believe or not, I could careless on where you go when you die.
I actually wasn't talking to you on that really, I was just stating what I do, and stating that both sides have some points.

And yes, when you start believing in demons controlling the earth or w/e you do need help and you are not in your sane mind.
Yeah, that's a pretty good sign that you need psychiatric help.
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