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Originally Posted by mrpiimpnn View Post
You guys watch too much anime, thats why you do not believe in god, or "Christianity" Or any religious beliefs. That is my only solution, I'm not going to get into this debate because its a lost cause, I guess people bring what they "HEAR" about Christianity to truth, but most of the things I read were false, about the bee's swarming earth? Wtf, I didn't see that in the Bible at all, you must not have read it and got your info from some fascist idiot. I'm all for you believing in what you want, but when you start believing in stuff such as more than one god or Demons controlling people thats when I have to step in and call you a fucking moron.
Yeah, I know you're banned and all, but hey, you can get back to this later. First off, what the Hell does watching anime have to do with religious beliefs? That makes no sense at all. In the Book of Revelations the angels and God lay their wrath on the earth, and one of the punishments are human-headed locusts that sting people. Yes, it does say this in the Bible (so about that fascist idiot? har har har). Uh, demons are Satan's minions, right? And there is supposed to be a Satan, so believing in demons isn't anti-Christian or anything at all.
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