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Re: The Legend of Zelda FC

How do you know they're not just normal and Zant and Midna are the weird ones? And I thought Zant was just a servant or something.
That's what I mean. Midna and Zant are just freaks. >.>

I don't know, I really just like Midna's character in every way possible. I mean, yeah, she was pretty sassy in the beginning of the game, which kind of amused me about her character, but I don't know. Sure, with the whole Zelda bit in her, she was softer (with a little less sarcasm than before) and seemed much more help, IMO. Then that whole last scene just made me sad.

It's a kind of liking that I can't put into words for some reason.

Oh yeah. I though Midna was super helpful. Like, compared to Navi.
My God she didn't say anything helpful. =P

Yeah me too. Although it was fantastic nonetheless. >.<

Yeah, I tried the first ten floors and was bored. Then I saw the fairy and she explained something about more stages, and I was, like, "Screw this, I'm going to Arbiter's" and...that's it. I'm thinking about going back to finish it.
It's worth it. Really fun. I recommend it. =P

So, yeah. I finished the game, finally (about forty-three hours of gameplay? I'm not totally sure, I left it on and left the room on SEVERAL occasions). It's actually pretty good in the end, "original" as I might say. (Zant. D

The actual Hyrule Castle dungeon was pretty easy; there wasn't anything overwhelmingly challenging except when I wanted to get the 300 rupees in the secret room. I ran back to Hyrule Castle Town to donate 300, but I could only get to 100 before he gave me a Piece of Heart, and I was, like, "Seriously?! What in the world?!" It was the worst time to stop taking money.
Lol! XD
There's a secret room? =|
All of the times I've passed TP I usually skip most of the castle cause I get impatient. And frustrated.

I got it from the beginning. With all the bugs.
That was fun.
Looking for them all over Hyrule.
I liked that =P

But I liked Ganondorf's design, and the "Wolf" Ganondorf (probably just "Ganon"), as well as the Horse Battle (which would have been easier if Zelda made her flipping shots). I kind of think it could have been harder, I only lost one and a half hearts in the whole fight. I wish the swordfight with Ganondorf could have been as challenging as the one in Wind Waker, but, yeah.

Good game overall. I liked the music in the end, and the credits were amazing. 8D
Almost right. Apparently he's called Beast Ganon. If SMBB is to be believed. >.<

It took me a while to figure out that I had to stand in front of him and flip him on his side. >.>

Yeah the horse battle was pretty easy. I had no trouble with it, at least.

Jesus. I thought the sword fight was hard. I though it was harder than the Wind Waker one. By far.

I almost lost all my hearts on the sword fight in TP, but in WW I barely lost a few.

I loved the music. I seriously loved it.
The credits were nice.
Everything returning back to normal.
Great clip.
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