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Re: Opinions on Christianity

Holy wars are honestly the most idiotic things. Ever sicne the dawn of man there has always been belief in a high power, a higher power that in many cases chooses when he or indeed she will step in and help. Religions, yes all religions, were created for the sole purpose of explaining that in which man could not explain at the time.

How people can choose to believe in supernatural being is above me. I am not athiest i am an agnostic, yet from birth have been greek orthodox.

As i was saying, to kill in the name of a god which you can never be sure if he truely exists until the end of time comes, it seems as if the time from the da vinci codes, which soudns corny to say it, is true. "Ever sicne there has been a god, there has been killnig in his name."

Dont you think that if there was a god he would want his creations to all get along? As far as i know, the ten commandments never listed, thou shalt kill all those who dont believe in my powers. It said soemthing along the lines of you will believe in ym as your one and only god. In that case, you are supposed to find faith within yourself and not force others to believe in something they realyl dont want to.

I believe that no matter what religion you belong to you have every right to believe in your own god or gods. It is for many people a way of relieving themselves of the stress and hassles of life, blaming everything they cant explain or cant prevent on some power that they cant control.

As for money, ever since the christian church has been created it has been lfeeding off the heavy pockets of its followers. I never really understood the reason i had to wear such nice clothes to church when i was a kid. Does this so call god think i am not a follower just because i am not wearing a suit? THose who dont have the money for fancy clothes? are you gonig to bar them from attending liturgies because they have no money to offer? Last time ichecked church was about believing. Money should not have anything to do with church. during Jesus's travels he and his apostles lived off the kindness of others. EVeryone gave what they can, and if they had nothing it was still ok because there belief in him being the son of God and there lvoe for him was enough. Money shall and always will be the number one reason many people, at least in my religion, dont believe in gonig to church, because it has always corrupted the priests and forced people to change there focus on public image and not the matter in hand, prayer towards the almighty.
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