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Re: Naruto 409 Predictions

I think this chapter will be the start of the next big events "hopefully". Naruto leaving and Team Falcon comming in contact with the Eight Tails.

Another Specialist Prediction:

(Becoming a Sage)

"Exactly what are Sage Arts," asked Shiho. "Basically Sage Arts are associated with the mystical beings who can perform powerful ninjutsu not normally present among the shinobi world," said Kakashi.

"So they're involved with animal summonings," asked Shikamaru. "These types of creatures are not the fuzzy ones you encounter normally though," said Kakashi. "The animals you see in everyday life, are the descendants of the Sages. The Sages run the world so to speak, they use their ninjutsu to keep the order of balance. They were born with these powers, and they were never meant to be passed down to the humans, as it was feared that they'd end up ruining the natural balance of things,"said Tsunade.

"Ha, ha, ha. We're not that godly. But with that being said, no normal shinobi's body can endure the strain it takes to learn and master the jutsu of the Sages. Only a select few of shinobi can actually muster the ability to summon Sages, even less can be able to use Sages' ninjutsu," said Fukasku.

"But what about the legendary three," asked Sakura. "That's where it gets interesting. I myself am able to summon lower forms of Sages, but I can't muster the ability to summon creatures of greater strength or even use their ninjutsu," said Kakashi.

"So Tsunade, Jiriaya, and Orochimaru were the best at Mastering the Sage Arts," asked Naruto. "Well Naruto, even I can't fully grasp the concept of becoming a Sage," said Tsunade. "Wow, not even Tsunade," asked Sakura. "But I saw you. You summoned a huge Slug," said Naruto.

"I'm good at summoning them. But I lack the ability to use the Sage Arts to their full potential," said Tsunade. "Don't feel bad Tsunade. Orochimaru could not do it either," said Fukasku. "So Jiraiya was the only one," asked Naruto. "Yep. There was something different about that boy. He was so determined. I've never met another human who could endure the strain the Sage Arts put on the body. He was an excellent shinobi and possesed amazing will that little Jiraiya," said Fukasku.

(Naruto looks down) "Having second thoughts," asked Fukasku. "No way, I'm just excited. I'll become a Sage like you," said Naruto. "Heh. Perhaps you'll even surpass Jiraiya. Although he could use the Sage Techniques, he can only maintain the form with our help," said Fukasku. "The amount of strain and chakra the form puts on the body is emence," said Tsunade. "Though I had hoped he finally get the hang of it," said Fukasku.

"I'll surpass Jiraiya and be able to enter and maintain the form on my own," said Naruto. (Kakashi looks at Naruto). "Heh, then we'll have to leave immediately then," said Fukasku. (Naruto walks over to Fukasku)

"We'll guys. I'm off. Pain will never know what hit him. Sorry about the pathetic goodbyes, but time's wasting," said Naruto. "Touch my back. As long as your hands is on me, you'll transport with us," said Fukasku. (Naruto serious face) "Naruto," mumbled Sakura. (They poof) "Couldn't say anything," said Sakura. (Kakashi looks at her)

"Think he can handle it," asked Shikamaru. "I wouldn't worry about Naruto. He's the true heir to this village afterall. From the day he was born. The 4th Hokage entrusted him with Konoha," said Tsunade. "You can't be serious. Why would he," asked Shikamaru. "Obviously he beleived Naruto capable of the job. With that being said, he's the only one capable of taking over for his descendant's work," said Kakashi.

"Naruto, what of his family or origin," asked Shikamaru. "He's the child of prophecy. Let's leave it at that," said Tsunade.

(Switch Scene to Eight Tails)

"Ahhh. Its such a hot day," said Eight tails. (He rests up on a bench) "Arrghhh," yelled Suigetsu. (He swings his blade in attempts to cut through the napping Eight Tails. Suigetsu later realises that his blade is blocked by one blade of the Eight Tails while still sitting down)

"Such brute force. He stopped it with just that one blade," said Suigetsu. "Akatuski bastards. Show yourself now, I know you work in pairs," said Eight Tails. "Actually, this time we move in four," said Sasuke as he appears with Karin and Juugo.

"Good. Your chances with two would have been around zero, I mean this guy has no chance," said Eight Tails. "WHy you," said yelled Suigetsu. (He slides the Eight Tails blade away and tries to strike again but is impailed by a second blade before he can counter)

(Team Falcon is shocked)

"Heh, I hope he's dead," said Karin. "What," said Eight Tails. "Hah, heh. It will take more than that to kill me," said Suigetsu. "Suigetsu. Back down, we'll handle it," said Sasuke. "Yeah, this guy's chakra is pretty startling. We better handle this together," said Karin.

"No way. I'm tired of getting pushed around. Let me have this one," asked Suigetsu. "I take it you've never fought a Jinchuurikii before. I'll let you on a little something. I have at least 10X as much chakra as your group combinded," said Eight Tails. "Impossible," said Juugo. "Suigetsu get away from there, Now," yelled Sasuke. (Suigetsu drops back)

(Eight Tails stand up and makes a handseal. Devilish chakra forms around his body)

"He was not joking, this guy means it," said Karin. (Team Falcon rips off their cloaks)

"We'll give him a show right Sasuke," asked Suigetsu. (Sasuke activates the Mangekyou Sharingan and pulls out his blade. Suigetsu pumps his body up to its extreme size. Juugo Activates his Cursed Form. Karin's glasses break as she focuses her chakra)

"So, you all are a little different too. But I'm also special. I'll warm up for a while," said Eight Tails. (Marketings appear on both sides, and his skin turns black with tentacles growing out of his back and arms)

Next Chapter: Team Falcon vs. Eight Tails
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