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Re: Naruto 409 Predictions

I think there will be a transition as Naruto moves from Konoha to the Mountain to train. Pain may actually get there first, unless Naruto can warp there or something because he's going through dimensions like I think.

I'm starting to think more and more that Tsunade is going to bite it . . . Pain is going to want to torture ot get the information out of someone as to where Naruto went, and since right now Sakura seems more concerned about her MAster's well being then her freind . . .

Also there is the revenge angle with Naruto. How long will he hold on to that? I'm starting to realize it may just not be in Sakura's character to do or say anything because she's afraid - which means this won't get adressed in Naruto until after he comes back to train . .

But if he stays on this path, he'll end up just like Sasuke, and surely Sakura sees that . . .
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