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Re: "What Ever Happened to" Character Thread

Well, for one we all know that they're all Chuunins and Neji and Shikamaru are Jounin. So, they must've done something, right? ^^'

Also, Tsunade has been giving Shikamaru paperwork and missions to do, same with the others. So pretty much they've been doing a lot of missons lately with Akatsuki causing touble and such.

We saw some of Team Gai's attacks when they were trying to break in the Akatsuki's Hideout to retrieve Gaara back. Kankuro showed some moves with Sasori. The rest, not much really. Right now, the storyline is mostly focused on Naruto. It has always been that way, just sometimes they would show other characters if Naruto was involved. Hopefull we'll see more action with them. ^^'
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