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Re: Naruto Pairings FC

Originally Posted by Highspeed0516 View Post
Nope - Kiba Hina is a good pairing whcih seems to be growing on me. I've even had a request to do a story about them - and i might be doing it soon.

I haven't got to your fanfics yet, but I really really like your music videos. Very good job with them. I faved the Bleeding Love one and The Pocket Full of Sunshine. Those two songs just scream NaruSaku in my mind, and you did great with the timinig and clips used.

You use a lot of opening sequence footage though I noticed . . . that seems to make your style kind of interesting. I'd love to see what you could do with more RAW then subbed footage though . . .
Thanks so much!!! i'm glad you liked them. I DO tend to use a lot of opening, i try not to go over 30 seconds, but sometimes i can't help myself . If i could find a good site with raw clips, i'd be on that like white on rice. But hey, thanks for having my back on this whole NaruHina/NaruSaku battle, them NaruHina fans are brutal.

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