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bals fanfic

made this on ML
btu had to transfer it here
i will update slowly

chapter 1
A boy is walking alone in the dessert, the sand blowing hard in his face. He’s walking slowly searching for something out in the barren wasteland of the interwebz, until a rumbling starts to shake below his feet. With a sudden burst of shock the boy looks at his feet only to find the sand all focusing into one point. Frozen with shock the boy just stands there as a giant sand worm rises up from the sand. Standing as tall as a 10 story building the worm still was hiding some of his body in the sand. The sand worm turns its head and sees the boy standing still unable to move. The worm dives straight at the boy, its mouth wide open clearly showing its razor sharp teeth. The boy still in shock is only able to close his eyes and wait for his impeding death. A minute passes and the boy is still alive, he is very puzzled and slowly opens his eyes. He sees the body of the sand worm cut into pieces in front of him. He screams out in shock but is finally able to move his body. As he takes steps backwards away from the dead corpse he hits into something and falls to the ground. Now sitting on the sand the boy looks up at the image that is shadowing over him. He can’t make out what the image truly is but he sees the reflection of a person, all he sees is an outline with the sun directly behind the person glaring into his eyes. “Here, let me help you up.” the image says as a hand is extended to help the boy. The boy a little hesitant to grab the images hand but he realizes the person is only here to help. The boy grabs the hand and is raised to his feet, now with out the sun glaring in his eyes he is able to see the figure clearly. It a well dressed man wearing a tie and a suit jacket, long hair, and headphones wrapped around his neck. “Come follow me I’ll bring you to a safe place.” The man says to the boy. They both walk a little further and the boy is able to see an image of a town in the distance. “That’s Manga Lounge, that’s where we are headed. It’s a great place to be full of friendly people and tons of manga and anime, plus its rent free. Since you look like your low on cash and def need a place to stay you can hang out there.” The boy nods wondering how the man knew so much, but it didn’t matter he was right. “Here we are. Now all you need to do is register and you’re able to enjoy all the fruits of Manga Lounge, everything from the free anime and manga to the arcade and casino. So go ahead pick a username.” With that the man walks away.
“Hey wait what’s your name. Mines Kuroboo.” The boy screams out to the man.
“Balmung5000, let me know if you ever need anything.” With that the man waves goodbye as he walks away.
Just standing is such a marvelous place makes the boy happy he can see tons of building where people can stay. A casino where those who want can gamble their credits, an arcade where everyone can play games for free, and many more places. Wondering around the boy is lost within the crowd of people, and so begins the tale of Manga Lounge. Much has changed over the last year, people have come and gone. Old and new faces have changed also the staff and even the way the town is desgined.

chapter 2
“Another boring day eh Itz.” Says a rugged man before he slams back a giant mug of beer.

“Yea don’t worry about it too much SirBenoit I’m sure activity will pick up, we just got our server back up so now people are able to get all the manga and anime we have.”

“Guess your right. Now join me in a drink.” SirBenoit then hands Itzanilluzion a drink. Just before Itz is able to take his first sit a giant explosion went off. Shocked the two mods stand up “Don’t worry SB, I got this one, finish your drink.”
“You’re the man Itz. I’ll drink one for you too.”

With that the Admin, Itzanilluzion walks out of the staff lounge bar and head to the scene where the explosion took place. Dust and smoke fills the spam lounge, Itz is unable to see anything. “Is anyone there?” he calls out. There is no answer, the dust and smoke is finally settling and Itz sees a bright pink piece of cloth. He runs to find out what it is, but it is underneath a giant boulder. Itz stands up and extends his hand “Bolt”, a large beam of light extends from both sides of his open hand. At one end the forms the head of a trident, seconds later the light then turns into a weapon. Itz points the trident at the rock and a small bolt of lightning hits the boulder and causes it to crumble. Shocked Itz finds a woman badly injured underneath the boulder. He then puts away his weapon and grabs the girl out of all the rubble. She is badly injured with cuts running up and down her body; her thin skimpy clothing did not help protect her from the debris. Itz carrying the woman runs to the nearest building to get the woman to safety. As he places her down he reaches for his phone so he can text another member. There was one person lurking in the building Itz calls out to him, “You there, this member is badly injured. I have just informed someone of this location he is on the way and will heal her injuries. Please just watch over her and contact me if there is any change or the person never arrives.” Itz then rushes out in order to find some clues to who or what caused this explosion. Unable to find any clue at the scene of the explosion Itz begins to get frustrated.
“Hey you Admin. I guess you’re looking for what happened here right?” said a strange man.
“Yes I am if you know anything please let me know.”
“Alright well I was just lurking around and then I saw that girl and another guy talking. Then they started to argue, next thing I know there’s a huge explosion and both were gone. I thought nothing of it so I just went about my day that is until I saw you carry the girl from under a boulder.”
“What did the man look like?”
“From what I saw he was about average height, kinda long hair, and he wore a hoodie with a skull and cross bones. That’s all I remember, but the hoodie was tight I wonder where he got it.”
“Thanks you’ve been a real help I think I know who it was. By the way what’s your name?”
“Jimmer45khb, but just call me Jimm.”
“Thanks you’ve been a great help when this is over I’ll make sure Grim knows about your help.”
With this Itz leaves the scene and is headed for the members’ area, who is this mysterious person and what cause the huge explosion. Find out in the next chapter

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