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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 8
SirBenoit is face to face with the enemy, there is no time to sit and stare he must defend himself form the enemies attack. SB lifts his hand and punches the knife in mid air, both the knife and SB’s brass knuckles crack and break. Both weapons soon disappear after they were broken. “Hrm again you surprise me SirBenoit.” The enemy then drops himself from the tree and lands safely to his feet. “So not only do you hide in bushes you also wear makeup.”
“Its called camouflage but an uneducated twit like you wouldn’t understand something like that.”
“So it looks like both our weapons have broken it shouldn’t take long for mine to come back since a weakling like yourself couldn’t possibly do much damage to my weapon.”
“It would be in your best interest for you not to underestimate me. What do you say with end this the manly way, a battle of fists, no weapons.”
“You’re on.” SB loosens the top two buttons of his shirt, while the enemy readies his stance. SB charges at the man swinging his right fist towards his head, with a perfectly timed dodge the soldier was able to dodge it easily. He returned with a knee to SB’s ribs but with his other hand SB was easily able to catch his knee and guard himself. The battle continued for about 20 minutes without any side wavering, both men were starting to breath heavy. “So soldier looks like neither side has the advantage what do you say we finish this with one attack?”
“With pleasure.” The soldier starts to smirk and raises his hands as if to shoot a gun “Solid” a gun forms in his hands aim directly at SB. Five shots are fired at SB’s chest all hitting him directly. SB falls to the floor only able to keep himself up on one knee. The soldier slowly walks over to SB point the gun at his head ready for the kill. Seconds before the soldier is able to pull the trigger he is kicked directly in the face and knocked away. “Don’t come any closer Marlboro.”
“You! Well this is definitely an interesting turn of events.”
“I have no interest in fighting you here just give me the information I request.”
“Well, well aren’t we a bit ahead of ourselves.”
“Who are you working for?”
“Now then I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.”
“Were you the one who captured all the missing members?”
“Who else would be able to do it?”
“Why did you do it?”
“It seemed convenient to test my abilities and we needed a few test subjects.”
“What would you need test subjects for?”
“I think you should pay more attention to your friend over there.”
SB begins to raise his hand to his mouth and coughs. He looks at his hand and sees blood covering his palm. “SB don’t worry ill get you outta here.” SB then falls on his back and closes his eyes. “There are visible holes in his shirt where he was shot but there is no blood what kind of attack is this? Marlboro what did you do?” as the member turns his head Marlboro is gone and he can not leave SB’s side to search for him. “My first priority is to get you some help SB just hold on a little longer.”

chapter 9
“SB don’t you dare die on me”
“Bal is that you?”
“Yea I’m here old buddy, if you need anything I’m right here.”
“I need, cough, a beer.”
“What how can you drink at a time like this.”
“Time like this, what isn’t that soldier gone?” SB then begins to sit up and smiles.
“What I don’t get what happen SB?”
“Well it’s actually quite simple, I turned my chest into rock a second before the bullets hit me. I was a little drunk so my reaction time was a little slow or else I wouldn’t have been hurt at all, but I enjoy having a cold 6 while I take a walk through the woods.”
“Well I can’t argue with that.”
“So you knew that guy?”
“Yea I worked with him on a few missions and even started FTP with him before I became a mod for ML”
“FTP, you mean the elite group of mercenaries that destroyed any form of tyranny?”
“Yea that’s them, we were leaders together. His intellect in battle is unmatched by anyone. Plus before we created FTP he was trained and mastered multiple types of martial arts as well as being able to use multiple weapons.”
“So that’s how he was able to change his weapon from a knife to a gun, I only know of one other person who can do that.”
“Yea well at least we know who we are dealing with, we just have to find out who he’s working for. Let’s head back and report to grim hopefully someone has word on where Cryo is.”
So the two Smods head back to the Staff Lounge Bar to report in to Grimmjow. As they arrive there is a mission being posted on the Reported Posts board. They see Zaganite quickly pass them in order to take the mission being posted. “Sorry guys I’m really bored and a mission will help me out. If you’re looking for Grim I think he’s in the back there.” So SB and Bal head over and inform Grim of the current run in with Marlboro while Zaganite reads the mission being posted. “Ha two members fighting in the Spam Lounge this should be an easy mission.” With that Zag heads for the spam lounge in order to bring peace to the land of ML. As Zag arrives at the scene he sees the two members Darth Taco and Da Rest releasing their weapons.
“Bloodiaaaa” screams DT
“Majin Tenshi” called out Da Rest
DT was now completely covered in armor similar to a mech while Da rest had hunched over while spikes were protruding from his back. His nails and teeth had sharp razor like tips and his eyes were dark red. “What is this form, I’ve never seen Da Rest transform like that before.” Zag thinks to himself. DR Lunges forward and starts a heavy attack on DT, all DT can do is guard himself from the furious onslaught. DR’s movements are swift and precise, he drops to the floor and tries to knock out DT’s legs. DT’s heavy body is unable to match the speed at which DR is moving. DT falls to the ground causing the ground to rumble, DR then jumps on top of DT’s chest and starts to pry at the armor surrounding him. Zag realizes that something is wrong with DR and that he must do something quickly “G up” two pistols form in Zag’s hands. “I can’t kill DR I’ll just have to use a tranquilizer dart in order to calm him down and take him to Dante. DT give me an open shot.” With that DR turns and notices Zag standing pointing a gun at him, but before he can move DT rises up and catches DR in a full nelson immobilizing him. Zag fires without hesitation nailing DR in the neck. Within seconds Dr is knocked unconscious and his body returns to normal. “So what happened here?”
“I don’t really know, DR came and started to attack me for no reason.”
“That’s quite odd he’s usually not like that. Well I’m gonna get him over to Dante for him to take a look at this new transformation he has, you better get your armor fixed.” And so with that Zag makes his way to the research facility in order to find what was causing DR to go crazy.
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