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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 10
Zag arrives at the research center and contacts Dante.
“Come in Zag, please don’t mind the mess I’ve been working hard on finding a cure to this virus the troll had.”
“Well I hope you have one because I think DR was infected. I saw his weapon transformation and it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.”
“Alright all I have to do is take a sample of DR’s blood and check to see if the virus is in there.” Dante takes a sample of DR’s blood and he and Zag make their way to examine it under the microscopes set up.
“So Dante tell me a little more about this virus.”
“Well the trolls that attacked Itz and Cryo had a chip implanted in their brains that’s how they were infected. What happened was it caused them to be very aggressive and altered their appearance. All of that you should know already, but was interesting to me was that the virus is contagious. It seems that if one is cut or pierced by someone who has the virus it transfers into the new host. So if you do battle these trolls you have to take the utmost caution cause one pin prick could cause you to get infected. Not only that it seems that the only way to kill them is to sever the connection of the brain to the rest of the body or ip ban them, otherwise they will continue to return with dups. So if you’ve ever seen a zombie movie then you get the basic idea of how these trolls work.”
“I see but what if it infects a normal member?”
“Well it does look like DR is infected with the virus but I don’t know ho he may have gotten it. So it seems like if a normal member gets infected with this zombie virus then they too turn into an enhanced troll, but what I don’t understand is why DR looks perfectly normal until he calls upon his weapon and the trolls were altered permanently. Also when I had tested this virus on other animals the place where they were attacked seemed not to heal it stayed open but no where on DR’s body is an open wound.”
“Is it possible that DR has the chip implanted in his head?”
“Good idea Zag nice to see we got another smart brotha on the ML staff. Let me just scan his body with this x-ray” Dante then scans DR’s body with the x-ray and it is displayed on the projector screen. “Well it doesn’t look like there is anything unusual there.”
“Wait Dante what about that?”
“What Zag?”
“Down below looks like it’s by his ass.”
“Wait why are you looking at his ass?”
“No you fool on the x-ray.”
“O, well it looks like a dill. Hrm this is strange even for DR.”
“I didn’t know DR swung that way.”
Dante then picks up a pair of tongs and removes the dill. “Wow he must have ment business. Look here there is an engraving in it, it’s a letter S. I wonder what that stands for.”
“I wonder what it means I’m starting to have my doubts it was DR’s.”
“Wait a second Zag wasn’t Dr one of the people captured during the ceremony’s events?”
“Yes he was and with the information that Bal and SB gathered from Marlboro it seems as if those people were test subjects.”
“So wait all that talk about being manly is just a front for Marlboro?”
“No Dante I don’t think so remember he’s a mercenary so I’m sure he’s working for someone.”
“Damn man you really put the stereo type to shame. So then this “S” belongs to Marlboro’s benefactor.” Just as Dante is able to finish his sentence Da Rest rises from the operating table and punches Dante in the face. Staring at Zag DR screams “Majin Tenshi”

chapter 11
Da Rest stands tall a top of the operating table breathing heavy. Still a little woozy from the knockout dart he stands starring directly into Zag’s eyes. A sense of fear runs through Zag causing goose bumps to spread across his arms. Zag looks down at his hand and faintly speaks “G up” his weapons form into his hands. As he looks back at Da Rest a smirk runs across Zag’s face, “I haven’t had this much fun in a while. Come on now let me put that body of yours to the test.” Da Rest lunges at Zag, his razor sharp claws pointed directly at Zag’s face. Knowing that only one little scratch will cause him to turn into one of them Zag fires two shots one at each of Da Rest’s hands sending his arms to fly back. With Da Rest’s arms back and his chest exposed Zag catches DR on his feet and sends him flying through a wall. Now in the narrow hallway Zag had gotten DR away from Dante who was knocked out from the punch he had received. Rubble and dust fill the hole in the way, as Zag makes his way to the hole he sees the outline of DR’s body through the dirt approaching the room again. Zag readies his guns and let’s loose a steady barrage of bullets into the figure. The image is gone “There is no way someone could have survived that I almost put both my 16 bullet clips into him.” Zag lowers his arms and looks toward Dante who is still motionless on the floor. Zag walks slowly to Dante in order to help him but as he turns a long spike is thrown at him through the hole. There is not enough time to doge the attack it grazes his shoulder barely leaving a scratch. Enraged Zag runs through the hole in the wall and searches franticly for DR but he is no where to be found. Frightened Dante might awake and see he was injured Zag runs out of the building.

A few hours pass and Dante finally awakes, “Wow don’t scare me like that guys.” Dante is lying in a medical bed surrounded by Balmung, Grimmjow, and Rocklee.
“What happened to you Dante?” speaks Grim
“Zag and I were taking a look at Da Rest’s augmented body until the knockout dart wore off. He sucker punched me in the face and I decided to take a little nap.”
“So you weren’t knocked out you were just sleeping?”
“Ha yea well this new virus has got me working around the clock, plus I was sure Zag could handle this one by himself.”
“Unfortunately Zag can not be found right now, do you know what could have happen?”
“No I’m sorry I don’t know but there are surveillance cameras in the room so you can watch those.”
“Alright lets go Balmung.” With that Grim and Balmung make their way to the control room to watch the videos of the incident. “Well Bal it looks like Zag will turn into one of those zombie trolls we have to do something about this. It pains me to say this but we must kill him since there is no known cure.”
“Are you sure there is no other way?”
“Dante has known about this virus for over a week now and still has not been able to come up with a cure and he’s the best lab tech we have.”
“Alright then let me handle this one.”
“As you wish Balmung, we can’t afford failure on this one. If word gets out the members will become restless.”
“Don’t worry I’ll see this one to the end.” Balmung then heads out of the research building and sets his sights to the Supporters section. The area is mostly vacant and would be a prime place to hide. Dashing through ML the Supporters section is a small area with a few buildings far away from the main part of ML. There are many trees and much vegetation since travelers seldom pass through this area. Bal hides high in the highest tree able to see the entire area through the trees and bushes. A rustle is heard to the east Bal quickly turns and sees Zag stumbling thro the forest. Bal’s eyes begin to lower as if to focus on his prey, he softly speaks “Death”.
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