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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 12
Balmung walks into the Staff Lounge Bar in order to report back from his mission. His face is emotionless, his eyes are cold, and his mouth slowly begins to open “I’ve taken care of the problem Grim.” Without a second wasted Balmung turns around and heads for the door. Grim tries to talk to Balmung’s back “I’m sorry Balmung I know Zaganite was your friend but there was no other option.”
Feed up with the response Grim gives Bal snaps back “Don’t talk to me about no other option.” as he speaks these words he vanishes from the bar.
“He acts as if he’s the only one who is hurt from this.” mutters Tsuna in a brash tone.
“Please Tsuna now is not the time.”
“You know I hated how Zag would hit on me and try to make advances but it still felt kinda nice to know I was loved.” Tsuna can barely hold back her emotion tears run down her face. Her hands quickly cover her eyes, she begins to cry harder and harder not letting up a single breath.
“How about a mission to get your mind off of it for a while?” Grim says as he places his hand on Tusna’s shoulder.
“How can you expect me to do a mission right after Zag was killed?” Tsuna screams as she slaps Grim’s hand away as she rises from her seat.
Grim trying to calm her down says “This is your job as a mod of Manga Lounge despite what goes on we must uphold the law here. We are all hurt over the loss of Zag but we can either sit and cry over something we can’t change or go on with our lives. Zag wouldn’t want to see you like this.”
Screaming at the top of her lungs filled with hatred Tsuna lets out “You know Grim your really heartless Zag was all of our friend and your just gonna write him off like nothing. Well enjoy ML with out me I’m outta here.” Tsuna slams down her moderator arm band on the table and begins to walk out. Grim looks at the arm band and shakes his head in disappointment. Losing two great mods in one day, on the outside Grim is calm and collected, but on the inside Grim hurts more then anyone else. He can not show his emotion to the rest he must remain focused on the benefit of ML if he shows any sign of weakness then the rest of the mods will to show weakness. Then ML will have the image of a town that is filled with a bunch of push over’s and will be attacked on a regular basis by bandits and other towns looking to take over. For Grim this death of Zag was the worst, he was part of his staff but more importantly he was his friend. Grim softly lets out, “I’ll miss you Zaganite.” as one tear falls from his stone cold face. Grim turns and heads back and disappears into the dark hallway headed to his office.

chapter 13

Three weeks have passed since Zag’s and Tsuna’s departure from ML. There is a quiet atmosphere in the Staff Lounge bar as Balmung walks in. He sees the new moderator sitting quietly sipping her coffee. “You won’t replace them.” Bal says as he walks past her.
The tan skinned new moderator puts down her drink calmly and speaks just as soft and sweet as she looks, “I’m not trying to replace anyone, I heard what happen from Grim and I’m really sorry. It must be hard for you to kill one of your friends.”
Balmung turns, his body is partially covered in the shadow of the room, and half of his face is showing. The eye that is shown closes slightly, his red eye is barely visible he focuses in the same as hawk hunting his prey “Your new here so you don’t know much, it doesn’t matter the enemy, I love to kill. It could be a worthless troll, an invading member, or my best friend the only time I’m truly alive is in battle.”
A slight breeze blows the new mod’s short dark brown hair as a chill runs up her spine. Stuttering, the mod is barely able to get out “My name is Blackmamba nice meeting you.” Balmung turns back around and continues his walk to the back of the Staff Lounge bar where the admins reside, during the three weeks Balmung had been promoted to admin for his duties.
“Don’t worry too much about him, Bal’s on our side. He may seem like a monster but he wouldn’t hurt us unless we tried to bring down ML in anyway.” Says Jimmer as he places his hand on BM’s shoulder. Jims other hand extends and places another cup of coffee down in front of BM “Here have a drink with me.”
BM trys to look at the cup of coffee Jim had brought hiding the light red tint her checks and face have, “Thanks I just finished my other cup. I’m Blackmamba pleasure to meet you what’s your name?”
“Name’s Jimmer but you can call me Jim. Since your new here why don’t I show you around we can go on a mission together.”
After their cups of coffee Jim and BM head over to the Reported Posts bulletin board and see a request to remove a few trolls in the Naruto section. As they head over Jim and BM start to get to know each other with small talk. When they arrive to the Naruto section they see nothing but half collapsed building and a handful of zombie trolls wrecking havoc. “This is bad don’t take these trolls lightly I’m sure Grim informed you on what these guys are capable of.” Jim says as he lifts his hand to ready his weapon “wave” a crescent shaped blade forms in Jim’s hand. The blade curves at the top and straightens out near the hilt, the tip of the blade is flat and wide. BM looks around and sees the trolls have yet to notice the mods arrival she smirks and starts to run towards one of the trolls. “Wait you have to bring out your weapon first there is no way you can take them on with your bare hands.” Jim screams out but it is too late BM has already gone too far out. She disappears into one building that is still intact filled with troll, but this is no time for Jim to not be focusing his voice had alerted the surrounding trolls and they are ready to attack. Jim turns and watches as the six trolls run directly at him, he readies his stance and smiles.
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