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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 16
Clinching his fist SirBenoit can not wait any longer to finish this fight. He has a score to settle with Marlboro due to SB's loss the last time they fought. SB charges at Marlboro making the first attack, his hand raised high in the air drops forcefully down at Marlboro's head. Attempting to block SB's attack Marlboro lifts his knife to block, unfortunately SB's strength is too much for the tiny blade and it shatters in half. With the blade shattering it gives Marlboro enough time to dodge the continuing attack, but SB's speed and anger is no match for him. With his other hand SB swings his fist at Marlboro's stomach, with no time to spare Marlboro's eyes widen and he needs both hands to block the attack. The punch sends Marlboro flying through the air and he slams hard against the server wall behind him leaving an outline in the thick concrete of Marlboro's body. Blood flies from Marlboro's mouth as he lands hard into the wall, he is on one knee as he lifts his head to find SB already in front of him. SB lands another punch this time across Marlboro's face sending a few teeth out of his mouth. Fallen on the floor Marlboro tries to get the upper hand by picking up the pebbles on the floor and throwing them in SB's face. In order to block the attack SB raises both hands to his eyes, but is unaware that he leaves his chest and stomach wide open. Marlboro sees this opportunity and lands a hard punch into SB's stomach, and with a quick second blow he lands another blow at the center of his chest. SB's hands fall from his face to his chest where he may have suffered a few broken ribs or worse a broken sternum. Unable to defend himself Marlboro lands a kick on the side of SB's knees sending him down to kneel before him. Marlboro quickly jumps behind SB and grabs him around his chest to lift him, with SB high in the air Marlboro falls back and drops SB on his head and neck.
Felling the full force of the German suplex SB is motionless on the ground, while Marlboro staggers to his feet. Panting Marlboro returns to his feet and attempts to lift SB from the ground to continue his assault. Grabbing SB by the left leg Marlboro plans to throw SB into the server wall just as he was thrown, but SB has other plans. He kicks Marlboro in the face with his free leg, Marlboro's nose begins to pour blood like a fountain. Enraged Marlboro dashes at the now ready smod, dodging Marlboro's punch SB hooks his arm under Marlboro's and tosses him to the ground. SB jumps on top of Marlboro and lays a series of punches directly into his face, not letting up for even a second. "You see you're nothing with out your weapons." SB screams as blood is flying from Marlboro's face.
Finally SB stops to see what damage he has done to Marlboro, his face is heavily bruised and many bones seem to be broken. Blood is pouring out from Marlboro's nose, mouth and even eyes, there are several gashes across his face as well. "Well you weren't much of a challenge when I'm sober, let's say we end this with one last punch." SB lifts his hand high into the air in order to end Marlboro's life. Suddenly a bright light is shot from somewhere far in the distance piercing through SB's shoulder. Unable to move his arm down with any force SB looks to his shoulder seeing an arrow through his body. Three more arrows come flying at SB as he is still standing over Marlboro, he slowly lifts his already injured arm and takes the three arrows directly.
SB stumbles to his releasing Marlboro from his clutches as SB looks around to find where the archer could be hiding. Suddenly a beautiful young woman appears wearing a short black mini skirt exposing her lusciously long legs. A low cut white belly shirt showing her toned stomach and D sized cleavage. Her face was as stunning as her body as she wore her long brown slightly covering one eye, her lips were as red as blood, and her eyes were as blue as the sky. She carried a small bow on the side of her hip and her quiver of arrows laid on the small of her back atop of her round ass. She lifts her bow from her side and readies an arrow pointed directly at SB's head, kneeling on the ground losing a lot of blood SB is unable to move. She pulls the string back and begins to smile knowing SB can not defend himself from the attack she is about to unleash, "I might as well tell you who is about to kill you, my name is UchihaTaijiya."

chapter 17
UchihaTaijiya’s smile widens as she pulls further back on her bow string. Her face seems almost turned on by the sight of blood and how close to death SirBenoit is. Just before she is able to release the arrow from her bow a bloody hand grabs her soft smooth skin.
“Don’t, he is a true manly warrior and does not deserve to die like this.” Marlboro says barely able to stand. Blood is dripping from his face into a pool on the floor and parts of his ribs are piercing through his ripped camouflage shirt. As he finishes his sentence his body falls to the ground barely holding on to UT’s hand. UT drops her bow and arrow and puts her hand under Marlboro’s shoulders in order to keep him from falling any further.
“Please baby don’t die on me yet.” UT says trying to keep Marlboro alive “You’re lucky my sweetheart asked me not to kill you SB, if it were up to me you would be finished.” UT manages to carry Marlboro away to a safe area where she meets up with the other two female travelers in order to heal his wounds. One of them has long black hair covering most of her face and her nails are sharp and long. She has a tight fitting dress made entirely of black silk, it has a low V neck and the bottom comes down to her knees but has a slit up to the middle of her thigh. “Mmm fresh blood.” She says as she licks the blood off of Marlboro’s face. UT jumps up and grabs the girl by her long hair and puts an arrow up against her neck. The tip of the arrow barely piercing through her skin causing a little blood to trickle down, “If you don’t want to end up worse then he you’d better keep your hands off of him ThyMaiden.”
ThyMaiden barely able to speak with the arrow embedded in her neck “As you wish, just watch your back.” UT drops hold of ThyMadien’s hair and sends her falling to the floor. She puts her arrow back into her quiver and goes back where another girl is standing over Marlboro healing most of his wounds. “How does he look Kina?”
“He’s lucky we were here to save him, SirBenoit would have killed him.” Kina says as she pushes in one of Marlboro’s ribs back into his chest. She has shoulder length brown hair, wearing a tight blue t-shirt accentuating her toned body. She is kneeling on her loose fitting jeans as she puts a bandage across Marlboro’s face. “He is going to have a scar across his right eye but it should not interfere with his vision.”
“Battle scars how sexy.” UT says as she leans back against a wall behind her.
“I’m going to clean up the mess you left behind UT.” ThyMaiden says angrily.
Arriving at the previous battle ground ThyMaiden notices Balmung knocked out sitting up against a tree and SirBenoit with four arrows in him almost bleeding to death. “It looks like I’ll take out Balmung first and then work on you SirBenoit.” She walks over to Balmung and stands tall pointing her long sword at his head. As she pulls back ready to strike Balmung in his throat she says with ecstasy “Farewell.”
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