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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 18
The sun shines bright off of ThyMaiden’s blade as she thrusts forward at Balmung’s neck. Centimeters away from Balmung’s neck her blade stops, her face is shocked and her eyes are open wide. She looks down at her stomach to find nothing different not even a scratch, but why does she feel such agonizing pain? She looks back at Balmung’s face, his eyes are now open and a smirk is across his face. He is holding his weapon, a giant black scythe with a crimson red blade. The blade is positioned a foot behind her body and it then that she realizes what happened. Balmung releases his weapon and puts his hand on ThyMaiden’s blade to move it from his neck as he rises to his feet. His stare is cold and pierces through ThyMaiden sending chills through her body. He takes a step forward and leans in to whisper into her ear “Die.”
As Balmung pulls away her upper torso begins to slide to the left while her lower half slides to the right. Her body cut in two falls to the floor blood pouring out from each open end. Balmung reaches down to lift the upper half of ThyMaiden’s body during her last few seconds of life. “Who are you working for?” he says holding the almost lifeless body high in the air dripping blood all over his feet.
Between gasping for air and coughing up blood she speaks “You haven’t seen the last..”
Before she could finish Balmung throws her body face first into the pool of her own blood. Smirking he walks away and tends to the half conscious SirBenoit. “You know saving you has becoming a full time job for me.” Balmung says with a smile.
“Yea, yea if that woman hadn’t interfered I would have killed him.” SB says as Balmung rips out one of the arrows in his arm. “Damn can you be a little gentler.”
“Don’t go getting soft on me now, I thought you were tougher then that. You know you owe me for this.”
“How about I buy you a few rounds back at the bar? Just get me to Rocklee he’s a lot more caring to his patients then you are.”
“You got yourself a deal.” Balmung says as he lifts SirBenoit onto his back much like a fireman’s carry. They both head off to the medical center in order to heal SirBenoit’s wounds as fast as possible leaving ThyMaiden’s body in pieces.
As the two staff members leave Kina, UchihaTaijiya, and Marlboro arrive at the scene to find their companions body in pieces. “Serves that woman right no one touches my man and lives to tell about it, I just wish I could have made the final blow.” UT says as she hugs her injured lover and gives him a kiss on the check.
“Ouch babe not so hard I just had six compound fractured ribs.” Marlboro says as he grinds his teeth and holds his chest putting all his body weight on the wooden crutch bellow his right shoulder.
“Just watch you two, you haven’t seen ThyMaiden’s ability yet. There is a reason they call her a vampire goddess after all.” Kina says as her smile opens wide across her face exposing her fang like teeth.

chapter 19
As Kina, UchihaTaijiya, and Marlboro stand over ThyMaiden’s body the sky begins to turn dark. Both parts of ThyMaiden’s body begins to turn black and harden, then within seconds of turning completely black is shattered and turned into a flock of bats. The bats form a tornado like shape and soon come together and form ThyMaiden’s body. “That fool Balmung I’ll destroy him.” She says as soon as her body forms.
“Calm down ThyMaiden you will get your revenge but we have to carry out the plan for our boss.” Proclaims Kina, who seems to be the leader of the female group, “UT since you’re the newest member of the group we have to discuss the plan with you. Our target is the MangaLounge’s server, on there is all their manga and anime. If we destroy that then they will focus their attention on repairing what they had lost and not focusing on us taking out the remainder of the site.”
“Hrm it seems my mission was very different from yours.” Speaks Marlboro over hearing Kina’s plan to take over MangaLounge, “Boss Shino just had me gather a few regular members for tests and information on the abilities of the staff members here, plus he said if I took out a mod or two my pay would double for each one.”
“Right, boss Shino.” Kina says as she smiles and glances at ThyMaiden. “So Marlboro will you be joining us in this mission?”
“Unless Shino plans on paying me extra I want no part of this. I’m gonna head back to NarutoLounge and talk to the boss about my next mission.”
“Alright then Marlboro due as you wish, we can fulfill the mission without you.” Kina says as Marlboro makes his way out of the MangaLounge gates. “First we must find another way into the server then the main entrance here. If anyone can get close enough to a mod then we can torture them until they tell us another way or the main access code. UT that’s your main job, find out where the staff members hang out is and try to infiltrate it.”
“You got it.”
“ThyMaiden I want you to give her back up just incase she runs into any trouble, you two should be enough for any staff member they have.”
“Come on why I do I have to be with this blood sucking freak?”
“I would just worry about yourself UT, ThyMaiden is one of our top soldiers. As for me I will search around here and see if there is another way in besides the main entrance. Failure is not an option, now go carry out the mission and make boss Shino proud.” Kina screams as ThyMaiden looks back and nods at Kina, who nods back.

chapter 20

Upon searching for the Staff Lounge bar UchihaTaijiya and ThyMaiden see Itz walking in the distance and they take special precautions as not to be seen. “We should attack him we can both take him easily.”
“Not now we first have to find out the staff headquarters, you’re too impatient UT.”
“I don’t care we can leave him just barely alive and then we can get all the information out of him.” UT says as she leans out the side of a building to aim her bow. She pulls the arrow back hard and aims for Itz’s shoulder. As she lets go Itz readies his weapon an blocks the attack.
“Ha you really should hide your murderous intent.” Itz says with a smile.
UT comes out from behind the building and stands face to face with Itz as they prepare to fight each other. Itz points his trident straight at UT and says “Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean I’m going to go easy on you.”
As UT reaches in her quiver she pulls out three arrows and readies them on her bow, “Enough with the small talk lets get this started.” As UT finishes her sentence ThyMaiden jumps out from behind the building and stabs UT in the back causing the blade to stick out of her chest. “Whhhy?” UT says as her body slides off of ThyMaiden’s blade.
“Ha taking you out was just step one of our plan, why do you think we actually wanted you to join our team.”
“Taking out one of your own teammates is something I can not stand for. I don’t care what your mission was but I’m going to take you out.” Itz says furious at the sight he just witnessed.
ThyMaiden licks her blade clean, “Come try then.”
Itz charges at ThyMaiden exchanging blows, his attacks are fast and precise all she can do is block. After a few minutes of constant battle Itz shows no sign of letting up, “How can you be so strong?” ThyMaiden says as she is barely able to keep up with Itz’s constant barrage of slashes.
“This is the power of a true admin of MangaLounge, you will not win here.” Itz says as he lifts his trident high into the air and drives it straight down onto ThyMaiden’s arm.
Just before the forks of the trident are about to hit her arm ThyMaiden is able to transform her arm into bats and separate itself so Itz’s attack misses. “Looks like you missed all powerful admin.” She says as her arm attaches back to her body. She grips her sword hard and slashes Itz right arm just enough to get blood on her sword. She takes a step back and licks Itz’s blood off of her blade. “Delicious I want more.” Her eyes turn bright red and she dashes at Itz who is wounded now.
ThyMaiden now has the upper hand in the battle attacking Itz’s weak side in order to expose his injury he had received. Itz realizes what ThyMaiden is doing and decides to put everything in to one attack. He catches ThyMaiden’s blade between two of the forks on his trident and snaps her blade in half. Now with out a weapon ThyMaiden pauses and stares at Itz with a sinister smirk.
“Now I finish this.” Itz says as he charges his trident into ThyMaiden’s stomach. Using her technique she is able to avoid the attack completely, but Itz has other plans. He calls upon lightning from the sky to strike his blade which lies in between ThyMaiden’s stomach. The lightning hits her causing much damage, but even though the charge should be enough to paralyze anyone she is still able to move slightly. She begins to lean forward getting closer and closer to Itz’s neck. As she leans in Itz drives even more power into his attack as he grips his weapon tighter unable to move or his attack will stop. As ThyMaiden gets to Itz’s neck she opens her mouth wide and exposes her inch long fangs, in order to bite down hard and suck the blood from Itz’s neck. Itz’s attack suddenly stops and he falls to the ground dropping his weapon. ThyMaiden stands over him with a smile and licks the blood from her lips.
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