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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 23

Walking thorough the streets Balmung speaks with Marlboro and UT about the missions they were given by Shino. “So UT what was your mission given to you buy Shino?”
“I was given the mission directly by Shino, I was just a normal member of NarutoLounge and someone was holding a tournament. So I entered the tournament and came in first place in the women’s division. Then those two bitches Kina and ThyMaiden approached me and said that they were the two that were holding the tournament looking for NL’s top warriors. They had said they were looking for a new third member and since I had won the tournament I had shown my worth in battle. Kina promised me a fair 30% of everything they earned since they were mercenaries. Then we trained for a few days and I had thought I got to know all of their abilities but I was wrong when I say ThyMaiden turn into bats and come back to life.”
Balmung interrupts “It seems like they were testing your abilities and made sure not to show you all of theirs this way they could be sure to take you out whenever they needed, or if you were strong enough they could manipulate you somehow.”
“Are you saying I’m weak?” UT says frustrated.
Marlboro interrupts before things get out of hand “Calm down babe Balmung was just trying to figure out what the enemy is thinking we have to work together here. So are you saying that maybe Kina and ThyMaiden had other plans then what Shino had intended?”
“I’m not really sure yet Marlboro but we can’t leave any possibility unchecked, please UT continue”
UT smiles and continues to talk about her missions with Kina and ThyMaiden “We had traveled to a few different towns and took care of some of these augmented trolls that have been attacking everyone. At first I just thought Kina and ThyMaiden were just really strong but now as things are unfolding I get the impression that they had prior knowledge to everything that we went through.”
Started Balmung quickly asks “Why do you think that, please tell me every little detail.”
UT rolls her eyes as her story begins “Well it was around the same time we got back to NL, I was the only active member in the group, the other two had only been there for few weeks. There suddenly was an attack of these augmented trolls and before you know it Kina and ThyMaiden had made quick work of them exposing their chip implanted in the brain. We had brought what we had found to Shino and he rewarded us handsomely. We ended up staying in NL for several weeks during many troll attacks but each time a troll would attack Kina and ThyMaiden would know exactly where there were to attack.”
“I see it seems they have had prior knowledge of the attacks and were acting to gain Shino’s trust.” Balmung says trying to piece the puzzle together.
UT then continues “Then last week Kina had come back from a visit with Shino and had informed us of our mission to attack ML’s server. She said that if we were to take out the server the mods would try to replace what they had lost as soon as possible leaving the rest of ML open for any type of attacks. So we sent out for ML and the rest is what happened here.”
“You know what this means Marlboro.” Balmung says figuring out the real reason why ML was attack by the three female members.
“Sure do, looks like this is gonna be fun.” Marlboro says with a smile.

chapter 24
As Balmung and Marlboro seem to have come up with the reason behind all of the attacks MangaLounge has received they hear a voice in the distance, “Bal watch out.”
It’s SirBenoit charging towards them with his injured arm held in a sling. Marlboro leaning hard on his crutch moves his arm to hold his ribs as laughs at SB. Bal quickly jumps in front of the two members and explains the situation to SB as the all head to the Staff Lounge bar.
All of the MangaLounge staff is there as the group walks through the door. A few of the mods give UT and Marlboro angry stares as they pass by and soon everyone takes a seat and the meeting gets underway. Balmung describes the current situation to all the remaining members who have not been informed yet.
“This is outrageous how can we let a fellow member of the enemy in with no questions asked?” screams Jimmer
Balmung smiles as he looks at Marlboro, “I was once a rouge member much like Marlboro was I not Jimmer, but you may not know that since I have been here far longer then you have. So we will do as I said and Marlboro and UT will continue this fight on our side.”
Grimmjow who is usually very silent stands up and screams “Listen here Balmung you may have been recently promoted to admin but that does not give you full authority over all the matters of ML. I understand your trust in Marlboro but I do not feel the same. We must take precautions and just by bringing them here you have put ML in great danger.”
Standing up from his seat Balmung leans over the table talking directly into Grim’s face “How can you say that, do you not trust the decisions of your fellow admins? You promoted me saying that you felt I was fully qualified to make major decisions regarding Ml so why do you question me?”
Waking up from his sleep admin Bloodkid lifts up his hood that is covering his eyes and in the blink of an eye has his sword drawn pointed at Balmung. Balmung’s chin is pressed hard on the top of BK’s blade as the tip presses lightly against Bal’s throat “Watch your tongue new admin before I have to cut it out.”
Disturbed at the sight of two of his fellow admins fighting Grim grabs BK’s hand “Please settle down you two, we can discus this is a civil matter.” Both Balmung and BK return to their previous positions before the uproar “Now regarding Marlboro and UT joining our team personally I am against this idea but unfortunately they already know much about our current situation. Also we have been experiencing several loses to our team, I will over look their previous attacks under the condition that someone I pick will join them as an observer.”
Balmung nods “I will personally watch over them.”
Grim annoyed at his interruption “You will not, I will have someone else carry out this task because I have other plans for you. I will have Tobi come and watch over them.” As Grim finishes his sentence he turns and point to the door for all to watch as Tobi entered. An average looking man with short messy brown hair runs in and trips on a chair. His face slams hard against the floor while everyone looks in disgust, “Well that didn’t go according to plan.” He says to himself as he holds his nose to stop the bleeding.

chapter 25
The room is silent as they all stare with blank expressions on their faces at the member lying on his chest. “Tobi quit fooling around you have a job to do.” Grim says finally breaking the silence.
Tobi then rises to his feet whipping the dried blood from his nose on his sleeve “So that hot chick and soldier are the ones I’ll be watching? You guys don’t look that tough.”
Marlboro lets out a loud laugh “Wow this is great this guy is watching over us, nice find there Grim.”
“If I were you I wouldn’t take Tobi too lightly, he used to be an admin around here.” Grim says very sternly. “I’m sorry you three but I must continue the rest of the meeting with just the staff here so if you could kindly exit, I will be in contact with you Tobi.”
Tobi straightens his body like a soldier and salutes to Grim and screams “Yes sir”
Marlboro and UT make their exit quietly being followed by Tobi. As they arrive outside they stand in a circle to find what they are going to do next, “So babe when are we gonna get some alone time?” UT says as she sensually rubs on Marlboro’s chest.
“I don’t know babe it depends if we can lose moron over there.” Marlboro points to Tobi who is chasing a butterfly, taking only a second to ponder the situation both Marlboro and UT vanish while Tobi is still occupied by the butterfly.
“I love playing hide and seek.” Tobi says and soon vanishes.
Back inside the Staff Lounge bar the meeting is still underway, “We know now that NarutoLounge is a main contributor to the attacks that we have sustained we must now come up with a way to counter attack.” As Grim finishes his sentence cheers of joy are heard from the fellow staff members, Bloodkid who was dozing off jumps up and screams “I touch little boys.” There is immediate silence as everyone looks at the embarrassed admin “Damn Jimmer that was some good shit you got.” BK says smiling. Bloodkid was a tall man around six feet tall, his hair was long and dark black which complemented his light brown skin. His clothes were loose fitting, his eyes were blood shot, and there was a cigarette resting on the top of his ear.
“Yea I know I’ve said some crazy stuff on that too.” Jimmer says as a smile runs across his face.
BK takes the cig from his ear and places it in his mouth and begins to walk out “I’m going for a cig I know the plan already.”
“Now with out any further interruptions we will continue, Balmung you have recently been granted admin powers and since you do not know what all those powers are you will be trained. BK will train you in all the admin powers you will need right now, the rest you will have to find on your own since we are pressed for time. Blackmamba and Jimmer you will both be patrolling the area since we are low on staff members. SirBenoit please rest up we need you fully healed in order to go against NL. Dante I hate to rush you but I need an antidote for the troll virus as soon as possible. Rocklee you will come with me for we will be welcoming guests today. Now everyone you know what you have to do our attack on NL will start in exactly two weeks until then don’t go getting yourself killed.” Grim says as he gets up from his seat and grabs his robe. Grimmjow throws his robe over his brawd shoulders and walks out with Rocklee following behind him.
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