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Re: Naruto Pairings FC

Yeah, but consider the source. Yamato knows nothing about their past at all, knows nothing about either's relationship with Sasuke, doesn't, or didn't, even know who Hinata was, and hadn't even been around them for but a week. Meanwhile, there have been at least one more outside source telling Naruto how Hinata feels/dropping hints without trying. One is Kurenai, and the other is Sakura, both during her bout with Neji. Well, Kurenai was actually before during the ointment scene, but anyway, that isn't all that surprising considering anyone with half a brain could tell Hinata likes him, which is probably why he doesn't realize it. Yes, that was a "Naruto's stupid" joke.

As for the ramen scene, I believe that was more comedic effect than anything else. You knwo that tease thing Kishi does, well, he kind of did that, except the result wasn't meant as a tease, but instead comedy. He had Sakura offer to feed him just so Sai could come in and do it instead, i.e. comedy, and laughs for all.

The truth is unless he's going to make it like a soap opera, I thin he'd only show pairings at the end. You know, a sort of "Digimon season 2" last episode where you get to see their futures.
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