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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 30
Balmung’s blade crashes hard against Sariel’s blade, the sound echoes through the empty lobby. Balmung’s eyes begin to focus for there is no room for error and no room for delay he has but fifteen minutes to beat an archangel, this will be no easy task. Each attack Balmung makes Sariel is able to block each attack easily. It’s as if Balmung is attacking a mirror, each movement Balmung makes is directly copied by Sariel. “Relying on the attacks that have lead you up to this point is useless, I have watched over you from the beginning the only reason why you have gotten this far is because I have allowed it, you and I share the same heart.”
Trying to find some sort of opening Balmung swings his scythe at Sariel’s feet but Sariel attacks the same area as Balmung causing their blades to collide. “It’s futile Balmung just accept defeat, you can not win against my power.”
Sariel blocks Balmung’s attack causing Balmung to stagger backwards a little, Sariel lifts his scythe straight into the air. The blade of his scythe starts to glow and Sariel brings the blade down hard slashing the air. A wave of black energy flies out from the blade soaring through the air headed straight towards Balmung who has just recovered from Sariel’s push. Balmung thinks to himself “I can block this attack all I have to do I protect my chest and reflect the attack upwards.”
Seconds before the attack hits Balmung coughs up blood and drops his guard getting hit full force by the attack that Sariel unleashed. “What happened?” Balmung says as he drops down to one knee.
Slowly walking towards the wounded Balmung, Sariel explains “Your mind can not survive with out your body, I have already explained this.”
Still confused Balmung tries to make sense of the situation “So because Bloodkid is fighting me attacking my body I still receive injuries here?”
Sariel puts away his weapon and begins to clap “Very good Balmung you finally understand things.”

Bloodkid who is still fighting the possessed Balmung is panting heavily, “Stop Balmung what’s gotten into you, I don’t want to kill you.” Balmung is unable to respond, his rage and thirst for battle is drowning out all sense of reason. Bloodkid knowing there is no other way to finish this fight gets ready for his final attack “I really have no other choice Balmung we don’t have time for this anymore it looks like you were unable to control the awesome power of the archangels.”
Balmung runs at Bloodkid scythe at his side, dragging his blade on the ground pulling up any dirt and rocks in his path. He raises his blade in an attempt to slash BK’s chest open but is unable to. BK blocks the attack with his blade and kicks Balmung in the stomach sending him back several feet. BK grips his blade tightly with both hands and raises it high above his head pointing it towards the sky. The blade suddenly is engulfed with red-orange flames flickering in the strong wind. The flames begin to widen in size and take the shape of a head of a dragon. BK lowers his sword and points it at the possessed Balmung who is slowly rising to his feet, pouring blood from his open mouth. The Dragons head is slightly taller then BK who is already six feet tall. The dragon is made completely of flames even his teeth are two feet long and the tips are flickering. BK’s eyes focus tightly and suddenly there is a burst of energy pushing back from BK’s blade sending the dragons head high into the sky. The dragon’s body is also comprised of nothing but flames extending from BK’s blade to thirty feet into the sky. The dragon’s body is in a spiral pattern as it focuses down on the possessed Balmung who has not moved from his position. There is a calm breeze as BK, Balmung, and the flame dragon stay perfectly still. BK nods towards the dragon and within a second the dragon dashes to attack Balmung. As the dragon lands where Balmung is standing there is a gigantic explosion with a radius of over 20 feet. BK exhausted now puts away his weapon and begins to walk towards his fallen comrade “It’s over.”

chapter 31
Bloodkid stands at the edge of the circle his flame dragon caused, at the center lies Balmung. BK slowly makes his way towards Balmung’s motionless body, the ground below his feet is charred black and soft like ash. BK stands firmly over Balmung’s body as he pauses to light a cigarette. After he lights his cigarette he extends his arm down towards Balmung, “Get up fool.”
Balmung’s eyes slowly open to see a blurry image of BK extending his hand to help him up. Balmung slowly raises his arm which is bloody and cut and grabs hold as BK helps Balmung to his feet. “Looks like you need a rest, so how did it go?” Bloodkid says as he is holding Balmung up on his side as a crutch.
Balmung’s clothes are torn and bloody, his body is aching and most of his bones are broken. The only way he is able to walk is by leaning on Bloodkid for support “Well I thought Sariel had me, he stood over me saying how we were the same he and I, but I realized something while I was facing the edge of his blade, I have all of you guys here at ML and that’s something he doesn’t have. He may control the darkness and because of that his heart has turned black but I don’t need to follow that path like he did. Then when I came to there was a flame dragon head straight towards me and that’ when I used his power and created a duplicate of myself using my shadow to block the attack.” Balmung says as a smile runs across his face.
BK looks up as he blows smoke out from his mouth “You know that was only about 5 percent of my power, I had realized you weren’t possessed anymore when the dragon was a few feet away from you. So I withheld most of the attack, if you had gotten hit with that attack at full power the explosion would have been about 20 miles long rather then a few feet, but it looks like his test worked.”
A look of confusion runs across Balmung’s face “What do you mean a test?”
“You see Balmung it’s not just some game to them, they have to see if we as users are worth to receive their power. From what it sounds like Sariel knew you have the potential of a killer but he wanted to make sure your heart does not stray from what you have sworn to protect, and that is the true purpose of Sariel attacking you. I remember when Uriel had tested me, he gave me three tasks I had to complete and at first I thought he was joking but the rest is history.” BK says as he smiles at Balmung.
“So what were the three tasks you had to do?”
Laughing now BK remembers the trials he had to undertake in order to get Uriel’s power “Well the first task I had to do was give him a smoke, he knows how much I hate when people grub cigarettes. Next was I had to show him my best pose, so he took me to a place that was over run with girls. I flashed my sexy body and sure enough the ladies were flocking over to us. So after a few hours of getting some alone time with the girls Uriel had me pass his last task. If I was going to inherit the fire of god then I would have to last three days in a room filled with burning coals. The temperature was over 200 degrees and the walls and floor were covered in burning coals. Sure it hurt like hell but my determination to protect those of ML and gain the power kept me steadfast on my path. Much like you though I spent the next week in the medical center.”
Balmung smiles as he hears BK’s heart warming story, he thinks to himself “The mods here are much more then policemen who run a town, but they really do care for the members.”
“Here we are Balmung the medical center, you better get well soon because I still have much to teach you.” BK says as they enter the building.
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