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Re: bals fanfic

side story chapter 1
The air is still and calm, there is a faint whistle heard from the steady breathing of three members. One member stands trapped between two others, each of their weapons are drawn. The middle member is an average height wearing loose fitting jeans, a tight black shirt, his hair is long and very messy it covers one of his eyes. The other two members seem to be very focused, the one on the right is wearing jeans and a rainbow colored t shirt, his gut pushes the shirt causing it to expose his belly button. The other member is wearing shorts that fall just below his knees his shirt is bright pink and his hair is short. Both surrounding members are holding their swords with both hands shaking, while the center member stands calm with his head looking at the ground and his scythe in one hand.
“You’re dead Balmung.” The fat member screams as he charges at the member standing in the center. His sword is lifted high in the air being held by both hands, not even moving his head Balmung lifts his scythe to counter attack. His blade flies right through the fat member’s biceps and through his neck. Balmung brings his blade back to his side, it is dripping red from the blood of the fat member. The member’s arms fall slowly to the ground along with his head, the blood is spewing from the stub of arms and neck that are still connected to his body. The blood pours over Balmung while he stands motionless and lets nothing move him. The other member stands shaking in fright unable to move due to the grotesque sight he has seen.
Balmung’s eyes slowly move and look at the frightened member, after s few seconds of staring directly into Balmung’s eyes the member starts to wet his pants and runs away. Balmung lifts his head up and moves the hair from his eye, with the mix of blood and hair it stays easily away from fall back.
Suddenly two new female moderators show up, one who is around five feet tall, her tight low cut jeans show the nice round curve of her ass perfectly, also her tight fitting shirt shows her abdomen slightly and is pulled tight around her C cup chest. The other girl is slightly bigger despite looking a lot younger, her jeans are lose fitting and her shirt is tight trying to show her A cup chest. “Stand down Balmung you will be banned for killing Ino11.” The big chested member says.
Balmung smirks back “Like hell I will Sugio, neither you nor Drunken Sea Monkey can stop me.” As Balmung finishes his sentence a giant explosion occurs in front of him, smoke is billowing up giving him enough camouflage to escape. Balmung turns and runs away from the two moderators, soon another member meets up with Balmung and they both run side by side with each other escaping the two females. The new member is tall around six feet and a few inches, his hair is short and messy, his face is stern and his beard is very masculine. The member is wearing a tight camo shirt and his pants are loose black cargo pants. “Looks like you needed my help after all Balmung” he says with a smile.
Balmung looks at the member and smiles back “Shut up Marlboro.”
The two members run and eventually find their destination, an underground base which has only a hand full of members. Most of the members are wounded and have seen many battles, there is one member who is there untouched. His hair is short and black and combed neatly, his clothes are pressed and not a speck of dirt on them. “You two are back, how was your fun Balmung?” he says with a smile.
Balmung wraps his arm around the man’s neck “Just great Ninja48 I finally got rid of that failsause Ino11 he won’t be bothering us anymore.”
Marlboro interjects as he lights up a cigarette “Yea but you needed my help to save your ass from the mods.”
Balmung smiles back “Minor details us leaders of FTP cant be stopped by some lowly mods of NL.”

chapter 2
The three leaders of FTP meet together and talk about their next mission. Ninja informs the two who were out on a mission of the latest battle they must fight, “I have some information our latest mission. It seems one of our own members has been banned due to some injustice. G had posted a picture of a graph that looked something like a pen0r and was taken and banned for it.”
Shocked Marlboro’s mouth opens wide and his cigarette falls out “Such fascist pigs.”
Balmung smiles “Looks like we gotta go up against that dumb admin Shino, I’m very excited.”
They then discuss the plan and gather the members available for a meeting. The meeting room is a large room with a large rectangular wooden table. There are many chairs for members to sit in but most are left empty, at the head of the table there is enough room to fit three chairs comfortably. The three founding members take their seats there, Balmung takes the center seat and Marlboro is at his right hand with Ninja to Balmung’s left. Most of the members sit close to the leaders, but a few seats are left open. The higher ranks sit close to the leaders while the newer ones sit further back. On the wall behind the leaders is a list of members with their picture and name, above the pictures is a banner titled “Black List”. Next to each member’s name is a bounty, for black listed members who are worse then others their bounty is higher.
Ninja walks over and rips down one of the pictures from the wall “This here is Seal Master, or as we like to call him Fail Master. He has reported a picture G had posted and this has resulted in a ban. We must take this failsauce down at all costs and then work on getting G back from his ban.”
The crowd roars loudly despite their apparent injuries, one member closer to the front screams out “Just leave this to the true spam king, Kites.” He is a tall black member around six feet, his hair is jet black, his clothes are bright and colorful and his sense of style is unmatched. “You know us nigs gotta stick together, to keep the man down.”
Ninja looks pleased as he nods his head and accepts Kites’ decision to go up against SM for the bounty. He takes a black permanent marker and crosses out the existing bounty of 150 rep points and changes it to 150,000 rep points. “G is a very crucial member and he is loved by all here. We not only consider him a member of FTP but most consider him a brother. So the bounty has been raised, please Kites do FTP proud and bring G back.”
Kites nods his head and walks out slowly, around his waist are four swords, two on each side. As he passes through the door to go out of the room another member is coming in, he rushes in and knocks into Kites. The rushing member soon falls to the ground and hits his head, “Sorry Kites my bad, I’m running a little late.”
Kites looks down and smiles as he helps the member up “Don’t worry about it BK I know the feeling.”
BK then enters and takes his seat next to the leaders, Balmung soon rises “Marlboro and I will take care of Shino, The trip to his Admin palace should take a few days since his obvious abuse of power had lead him to wealth and riches. Good luck to all and I’m sure you can handle things here Ninja with top rate members like BK, Kites, and Jaxon.”
Marlboro and Balmung grab a back pack each and walk out of the hideout, Balmung is wearing a large cloak that makes him invisible to normal members as long as he has it covering his entire body. As the two members reach to beginning of their journey they look up at the scenery, atop of a large mountain there resides a building too far away to be seen, the cliffs are steep and dangerous. There are many trees covering the flat land of the mountain, about half way up there is snow covering the ground. Marlboro says with a smile as he steps on his finished cigarette “This should be fun.”
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