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Re: bals fanfic

side story chapter 4
Marlboro returns from fishing with a splendid catch while Balmung is kneeling starting the fire. Balmung continues to stare at the small flames as he begins to speak soft and slowly “I’ve never seen someone fish like that.”

Marlboro places the bucket of fish on the ground near the flames and touches Balmung’s shoulder and begins to rub it gently “I’ll teach you some time.”

Balmung quickly turns to see Marlboro looking directly into his eyes smiling gently. Balmung slowly gets up and puts a little distance between them while facing away from Marlboro he starts to speak but he suddenly feels a tight warm embrace around his chest. He turns to see Marlboro is hugging Balmung tightly, Balmung hugs back as Marlboro whispers in his ear “Let’s go spoon in the tent.”

Its morning at NL and Kites has finally decided how he will enter the Bans & Warning section, he ventures away from the base to a sewer cap on the ground. Kites is very knowledgeable on how to sneak around NL with out being caught. Kites jumps into the hole in the ground and places the sewer cap back so it looks like it was never moved, the circular tunnels are large enough for Kites to crawl around comfortably. There is a steady stream an inch wide and a few centimeters high flowing through the sewers. The smell alone would make anyone gag but Kites has come prepared with a cloth mask which he puts over his mouth.

After a few hours Kites arrives at an opening in the system, there is a tight cap in the ceiling. Kites would have to squeeze tightly through in order to get out into the base. He slowly lifts the cap and pokes his head out just enough to see where he has arrived. There are white walls and shower heads on them, it seems Kites has arrived in one of the showering rooms. One shower head a few yards away is on with steam billowing out, Kites slowly creeps over to the wall that is directly behind the turned on shower. The wall is there to separate the other section of showers and only is about 6 feet tall. There is an image of a person massaging their head. Kites turns the corner of the wall and is only a few feet away from this image, the person in the shower now begins to lets the water hit his face to clean the shampoo and soap from his face. After drying off his eyes with his hands he opens his eyes and sees Kites’ shadowy image coming closer to him. The man squints hard thinking the steam is playing tricks on him and begins to open his mouth to call out. As his lips pull apart and a faint sound of breath leaving his mouth Kites lifts one of his swords up and stabs the man in the throat. The blood drips down the sword and is washed off from the water spewing from the shower head. The man franticly tries to gasp for air and lifts his hands to try and pull the sword out of his throat. Kites shoves the blade in a little further and turns it sideways, the tip of the blade snaps the man’s neck and sends his limp body to the ground.
Kites allows the body to bleed out for several minutes while the running shower washes all the blood and evidence away. Kites then lifts the dead body up and heads over to the open locker and shoves the body in, inside the locker are the man’s clothes. It seems that this person was a new recruit to the group of soldiers that defend the base, Kites takes his clothes and disguises himself as the new recruit and locks his body in the locker. As Kites walks out into the long empty hallways of the base the radio on his belt goes off “Attention all soldiers on duty the prisoner G is attempting to escape. Everyone head to collar chamber immediately.” Kites smiles as sees someone running through the hallway and starts to follow him.
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