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Re: Naruto Pairings FC

Why, exactly, am I a NaruSaku fan? Because I believe that this pairing has undergone the most subtle and constant development throughout the series. It makes an excellent story.

At first it was just Naruto’s crush on Sakura, a girl who didn’t care about him in the least, and maybe even hated him. Sakura kept putting Naruto down and pining for Sasuke instead. Her opinion on Naruto was that he was a guy who didn’t understand her at all, and was just annoying. Although she hated him, we see in Episode 3 that Naruto is almost perfectly fit to be Sakura’s “dream Sasuke”, when he Henge-ed into Sasuke to get closer to Sakura. Sakura wanted Sasuke to complement her about her forehead, and Naruto-as-Sasuke did so in the exact words she wanted it. “You sure have a large, charming forehead. Makes me want to kiss it...”

At the same time, this is the scene wherein Naruto realized just why he liked Sakura so much. When Sakura uttered the words “All I want... is for you to acknowledge me,” he saw kindred spirits in them. They were two people who would do everything in their power for acknowledgement. Sakura, on the other hand, saw warmth in Sasuke because...he was actually Naruto. In a way, she fell deeper for Sasuke because of Naruto. Later on, the real Sasuke appeared and, much like Sakura to Naruto, insulted her and made her shrivel up. To me, this symbolizes why I am against SasuSaku. I already gave my judgement bout SasuSaku on my previous post

While Sakura hated Naruto in the beginning, there had been a lot of instances wherein she was starting to care for Naruto a lot.

When Kakashi got trapped in Zabuza’s water bubble and Naruto and Sasuke were the only ones left to rescue their teacher, Zabuza removed Naruto’s forehead protector. When Naruto got it back, Sakura was blushing fiercely saying “What’s this feeling...? Naruto is so...”

During the chuunin exams part 1 (the written tests), when the tenth question came up, she was faced with the possibility of Naruto failing permanently. She was thinking, “But that silly dream of yours... I don’t want to see it crushed.” She was willing to let her whole team fail in order to protect Naruto’s dream without even thinking about Sasuke.

During the chuunin exams part 2, Sasuke was about to give up their scroll until Naruto snapped him out of his thoughts. Sakura told Sasuke that “Naruto may be an idiot, but at least he’s not a coward like you!”

After Sakura’s fight against Ino, Sakura told Naruto “Thanks. If it weren’t for you yelling like an idiot, I would’ve lost.”

In Naruto’s fight against Kiba, she was thinking “I used to make fun of those words, but I was wrong”. After that, she said “Naruto... Tell everyone...” and then Naruto finished her sentence by saying “Don’t underestimate me!” showing yet again how the two think alike. As explained in Episode 3, they are kindred spirits. Their personalities match well with one another (which will be explained in the ‘Naruto and Sakura’s relationship’ part).

In the chuunin exams part 3, Sakura was thinking “I’m kind of jealous of you. When I watch you fight, I feel like I have to do my best, and that is an incredible thing,” and later on in Naruto’s fight against Gaara, Sakura was Naruto’s motivation to win. For me, this is one of ‘The Great NaruSaku Qualities™’. They motivate each other, learn from each other, and grow stronger with one another. Following Sakura’s line, “that is an incredible thing.”

In Sasuke’s fight against Gaara, however, Sakura showed no cheering, no self-narration, none about Sasuke except for asking Kakashi about the Cursed Seal and probably being gloomy when Sasuke wouldn’t show up.

After the fight against Gaara, Sakura thanked Sasuke for defeating Gaara for her. Sasuke honestly told her that it was Naruto who did the job, and instead of being disappointed, she smiled for Naruto in a surprisingly warm way – a smile that she had never given anyone else. Not even Sasuke.

Sakura asked Naruto on a date later on, intending to tell him about the Sasuke. This one is noticeable. Sakura could’ve just told Naruto that she wanted to have a word with him privately, but no. She asked him out on a date. Although it doesn’t scream out “OMG SAKURA TOTALLY LURVES NARUTO!!!11”, it shows just how far their relationship had gone. Sakura was now comfortable with going out on a date with Naruto. And Naruto, in turn, didn’t go all “OMG SAKURA’S ASKING ME OUT!!!!” but instead took everything seriously as he could tell that Sakura had bad news. And when Naruto comforts her, she smiled truly. And nobody else could’ve made her smile like this in the time of her darkest.

Later on, Sakura went to see Team Shikamaru. Naruto tells Sakura that he understood her pain – the pain of loving someone who can’t love you back. Naruto looked sad, trying to smile because he didn’t want Sakura to cry anymore. Hugging herself, Sakura thought back to the early days of Episode 3, and realized how wrong she was. All of her first impressions of Naruto were washed away by this. When she thought Naruto was someone who didn’t understand her at first, she now realizes that he was the only one who really understood her. She thought that he was just annoying at first, when in fact he was one of the most trustworthy people of all. She said “Thank you!” with all sincerity and emotions. Because Naruto was no longer an annoying bugger, but an important friend. After that, Naruto made a promise that he’ll bring back Sasuke for Sakura, because he loved her enough that he would sacrifice his own happiness for her. He didn’t want her to feel his pain, because he could feel how much it hurt. He wanted her to be happy, even if it meant that she wouldn’t be with him.

When Naruto failed to bring back Sasuke, Sakura tried to act happily, even making jokes about Naruto “looking like a mummy”. She didn’t want Naruto to break down because of his failure, and she didn’t want him to overwork himself, all because of her. And so she tells him that it was okay that he didn’t fulfill his promise. She wanted him to stop. Yet Naruto persisted that he never backs down on a promise. There was no way she could prevent Naruto from going all out, and so the least she could do was look out for him. She asked Tsunade to make her an apprentice, and vowed that next time, she and Naruto were going together.

After two and a half years, Naruto came back after his training with Jiraiya. The first thing that Sakura asks is “How do I look? Have I become more womanly?” Then, when Naruto brushes off Konohamaru’s thoughts of performing the Sexy no Jutsu, she admired him for it, thinking that “More than just his height had grown........ Naruto, you’ve become an excellent man.” After that, Naruto says that he has a new ultra-perverted jutsu, and Sakura, still caught up in the moment of admiring him, says “Yeah, your new ultra-perverted jutsu...” Two seconds later, she comes to realizations and punches Naruto saying “Where the hell do you expect me to put the way I felt about you earlier?!”

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