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Re: Console wars heat up for 2008: Sony impresses, Microsoft surprises, Nintendo disa

Originally Posted by Jaxon View Post
And thus starts the fanboy ranting, as people desperately try to defend their purchase of a single console, trying to convince the world that a company that no-one owes jack-shit to is better than everything else, ever.

Also, I hope this new dashboard update for 360 isn't going to be compulsory. Note to Microsoft: The 360 is owned by gamers. Not mentally unstable old-people, soccer moms or small children. So stop trying to make it casual. Some blatant Singstar rip-off, and some bullshit Miis tacked-on isn't going to divert sales from Nintendo's remote-controlled Gamecube re-hash.
LOL YES. I'm really tired of gaming getting farther from gaming. It's an odd evolution though, with them trying to cater to non gamers in order to win over gamers (?) the games and types of games we love do seem to get better alongside that. So it's not all bad. But there is about 90% bullshit with games that are completely pointless and functions/presentations that have no appeal to actual gamers. I know I could care less if I can check my email on my 360, that's what my computer is for.

Originally Posted by kluang View Post
Seems Sony can't be put down that easily.
Not sure why it would, there's equal if not more potential for a PS3 to become more of a permanent entertainment center fixture as the crossover machine that they want so badly. Plus the games are getting better, I foresee PS3 over taking the 360 within two-three years.

But the only thing I don't understand is, gamers, we will probably own all three consoles for some reason or another, I will save my pennies and go get them one at a time. And so appealing to non gamers is...nope...just answered my own stupid question. I guess even if I see the money grubbing that is involved with appealing to non gamers...I think it's completely retarded to try and get my mom to pick up her wii remote to play jenga.
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