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Re: bals fanfic

side story chapter 5
A siren suddenly starts to blast as Kites closely follows the enemy soldier. Disguised as another soldier Kites pulls the ski mask covering his face slightly to let in some air. The soldier attire is a navy blue pair of pants with a matching long sleeve shirt. Kites is able to see a huge crowd of soldiers attempting to hold back one member. As he runs closer and closer to the crowd it seems to dwindle faster and faster as bodies fly through the air.

Kites shoves his way through the crowd and finds himself standing on the edge of a circle looking in to see G handcuffed with a collar around his neck fighting off any soldier that gets near him. Regardless if the enemy is armed or not G’s fighting skills are far above those who are attempting to hold him back. Kites smiles and takes a step into the empty circle, G not knowing that the soldier is Kites, charges at him.

Kites places his hand on the hilt of his sword and pulls it forward and hits G in the face. Knocked back slightly G is surprised at the soldier’s speed and says “Looks like you’re better then the rest of the n00bs here. I might have to actually try here.”

Kites’ eyes focus as he readies his sword “You’re better off just giving up now.”

G charges again but as Kites slashes at him G jumps into the air and comes down kicking Kites in the back of the head. As his head falls to the ground he is able to regain his footing and swings his sword around to G who is landing now on the ground. G blocks the attack with the handcuffs around his wrists, a small crack forms where the blade has hit. G looks at the soldier again and smiles as he pushes away the blade and attempts to finish the battle in one final attack. Kites’ arms are thrown high into the air as he has little time to guard himself from the charging G. Kites manages to gain control and a second before G is about to connect with his attack Kites slams the hilt of his blade into the back of G’s head knocking him unconscious.

The crowd of soldiers starts to cheer wildly and throwing insults at G, Kites who still has his blade out quickly screams “Anyone who has something to say about this prisoner must fight me first to see if they are worthy enough.” The crowd quickly goes silent and Kites puts his sword away and picks up G’s unconscious body. One soldier who carries the prison keys leads the way to G’s cell as the rest of the soldiers disburse and continue to go about their normal activities. Kites and the other soldier find themselves walking down a narrow long dark hallway with no visible doors or windows. Finally after about 50 yards down there is one single door to an almost empty room. The room is very small and dark only a chain which is open on one end and connected to the wall on the other is in the room. The soldier turns to Kites and says “You can put the prisoner in here.” Kites nods and they both walk into the room together, as Kites places G’s body on the ground he comes up and slashes the soldier’s throat killing him instantly. Kites quickly removes the guards mask and hangs him from the chain left in the room. Kites then kicks G’s body “Get up damn it, you could help get his clothes you know.”

G opens his eyes and smiles at Kites “So they send another nig to rescue a nig, typical crackers.” G puts on the clothes of the dead soldier and he and Kites lock the door to the cell and start to head for the exit. As the two exit the base through the front gates they hear on their radios “Report G has escaped.” Both Kites and G look at each other and quickly run for the near by woods in an attempt to hide from those who are searching for them.
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