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Re: bals fanfic

chapter 6
final chapter of FTP side story

The sun is slowly rising over the thick trees but one ray of light manages to break through the leaves and shine directly into Marlboro’s eyes. He slowly opens his eyes and sees Balmung cuddles up acting like a little spoon. Marlboro smiles and gives a light kiss to the top of Balmung’s head “You’re so cute when you’re sleeping my Little Spoon.”

Marlboro then stands up and notices that the two had slept outside under the stars in such a romantic fashion.

“Its morning already Big Spoon?” Balmung says staring at Marlboro who is standing wearing only his boxers.

Marlboro turns around to answer “Sorry did I wake you?”
Balmung rises to his feet and proceeds to get dressed “No I was up already I was just really comfortable being the little spoon, so that’s Shino’s mansion?”

The two stand silently staring at a huge mansion a few miles away at the very top of the mountain. Marlboro answers “Yes it is, are you ready to take that fascist down?”

Balmung nods and they both begin to pack up and finish their trip up the mountain. With only a few mile left they make it to the front gate within a couple of hours, there is a tall 8 foot gate surrounding the entire land. There is a lawn almost a mile long connecting the gate to the front door of the mansion. Security cameras and automatic guns disguised as lawn gnomes and bush art protect Shino from intruders. The two walk to the front gate and see an intercom button, Marlboro pushes the button “Shino Balmung and I would like to speak to you about G’s ban.”

The two stand and wait a few seconds before they hear a reply, the voice is raspy and muffled, it sounds like a smoker who can barely talk gargling water and shoving a sandwich down his throat, “You are interrupting my food time. Get out of here.”

Marlboro will not take no for an answer and rings again “What time is not your food time?”

After about a minute the two hear the voice speak again “I’m always eating and if I’m not eating I’m trying to pick up 13 year olds on the interwebz, so this means I have no time to speak to you two over some stupid ban, go away and let me eat.”

The two members look at each other and decide that talking to Shino is obviously getting nowhere “It looks like Shino wants to do this the hard way.”

Balmung smiles “My favorite.”

Balmung’s scythe appears in his hands and Marlboro has several throwing knives positioned in between his fingers. As the two are about to break down the gate a noise is suddenly hear coming from Marlboro’s waist “Marlboro, Balmung come in.”

It is Ninja48 contacting, Marlboro answer “Marlboro here what’s up man we are about to take on Shino.”

Ninja responds “Forget about Shino we can take his fat ass down any time come back now we have gotten G out and need to come up with a new battle plan.”

Both Marlboro and Balmung seem very disappointed but they do as Ninja requested and head back to the secret base.
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