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Re: Naruto RPG FC

I figure I'll just post my character, before i forget him >.<

Name: Izuko
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Rank: Genin
Hair: Light brown. Kind of like Kiba's, but at Sai's length.
Eyes: Blue
Clan: Tatashi. A small clan in which the majority are wind users, they have great control over wind chakra and teach it to their children as young as 7.
Village: The Village Hidden in the Clouds.

Head: His village's forehead protector.
Neck: Nothing
Chest: A white T-shirt with a dark gray hoodie that has his clan symbol on the front over it
Left Arm: Nothing
Right Arm: Right fist is wrapped in bandages.
Waist: Simple sash.
Legs: Black ninja pants that are a bit baggy.
Feet: Basic sandals.
Back: Giant Shuriken

Background: Izuko is considered a genius among his clan, being able to manipulate wind chakra better then anyone else within 3 years of his age. He can use basic wind jutsu's.


Wind Extension Jutsu: His main attack. Can extend wind chakra from his fists. This makes his punches have a greater reach, and makes them a bit stronger. But seeing as using it constantly takes up a lot of chakra, he prefers to use it in short bursts when it is needed.

Wind Shuriken Jutsu: Creates shuriken out of wind chakra. They fly twice as fast as regular shuriken, and hurt worse as well.

Wind Blast Jutsu: Creates a blast of wind out of the users mouth. Doesn't hurt much, but knocks them back quite a bit.

Wind Clone: Creates a clone of the user out of wind. Dissapears into the wind if hit.
Up to 5 are able to be made at one, but Izuko can only make one at his current level.

He also know the basic jutsu tought at the academy obviously, such as transformation, etc.

Fighting Style: Uses mainly Taijutsu, with Wind Extension Jutsu as his primary attack. Likes to use have his clone use Wind Blast to push the opponent towards himself, so he can use his Wind Extension Jutsu and send him flying.

He sucks at Genjutsu.

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