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Re: The Dark Knight

I just saw Dark Knight.

This may not be a very accurate reaction because I often really enjoy a movie while I see it and right afterwards, but then a week later, have absolutely no interest in ever seeing it again.

However, I will say that despite all the hype that The Dark Knight has gotten, I think that it's managed to live up to it.

They did a very good job of leading you on with the trailers and including lots of exciting bits, but misrepresenting stuff by putting it out of order and not giving away the important stuff.

As a whole, the character development and plot were outstanding. The Joker's plots were ingenious and didn't rely on (much) plot-induced stupidity to pull them off. And everybody did a great job acting out their roles. Heath Ledger gets a ton of credit for his role, but I think that Aaron Eckhart may have done just as well. And Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman all do outstanding jobs in their supporting roles.

I wish that I'd seen enough other movies this year to really judge, but I don't see any reason that this shouldn't get a nomination for Best Picture. (I think that Wall-E should as well except that it's stuck in the Animated Film category which is totally unfair for it.)

I plan to see it again on Tuesday night. We'll see if I'm still super hyped about the movie then.
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